How's That New Year's Resolution Going?

Your simple reminder to continue or to get started on that promise you made yourself this year.

It’s the 3rd week of January, and with the resumption of classes and everyday stresses, the “new year, new me” mantra has officially been booted from most students’ minds. For those of you who are grasping onto your resolution with white knuckles and gritted teeth, I want to know: how’s it going? Are you writing in that expensive planner you bought online? Do the employees at the gym know you by name yet?

If not, that’s completely okay, and there’s more than enough time to get started.

2018 was an interesting year for me personally in many ways. I had the amazing opportunity to intern at a Public Relations agency in addition to taking my classes, but as the year progressed, I could feel that my personal relationships were slipping due to the increased workload. By the end of the semester I was a ball of negative energy in a constant state of trying to meet deadlines, and I was more than ready to spend some time at home.

That’s when everything caught up with me… when my behavior throughout the semester finally caught up with me. I vividly remember the moment I created my new years resolution: it was a beautiful day in the suburbs over winter break. A light dusting of snow covered the dying grass, while the bright sun made my entire block look like a Hallmark movie set.  I wanted nothing more than to go out and enjoy the weather, go Christmas shopping, etc. But as I reached for my phone, it hit me that I had let many of my relationships from home fade away because I was so rarely in touch with them while at school.

It felt partially silly to wait until January 1st to actively make a change… to take that first step in bettering my relationships, but I needed that push. I needed that opportunity (even if it was just a mental thing). So that’s what I did: on January 1st, 2019, I sent a text to someone I hadn’t spoken to in 3 years, and we met up three days later. As winter break continued, I made it my priority to rebuild any bridges that had been decimated by my lack of communication, and I started writing down my thoughts and feelings instead of letting them sit and simmer on my conscious.  


I’m not one to be preachy, and I definitely don’t claim to have mastered life (I can barely put together a proper omelette, if I’m honest), but if you feel behind on your new year's resolution, or can feel that a change might be necessary, now is definitely the time. Don’t feel ashamed if you fell behind, or even if you haven’t started yet.

If you were waiting for some sort of sign, this is it. Bright, flashy, and directed right at you.