The Pros and Cons of Nexaplanon

Ah, yes. The magic of the almost-inchworm device that could work wonders and deplete shoulder weights for females. While that might be the case for some Nexplanon users, it is not for everyone. I believe that choosing to go on birth control and what kind, for that matter, is a big deal for a woman. Whether you’re thinking about getting on birth control or switching, this article could help you add or eliminate a choice off your birth control candidates list! 

First things first, birth control is used for a number of reasons, not just to prevent pregnancy. Birth control can be used for regulating periods, decrease cramps, acne, endometriosis, and numerous other conditions.

I initially decided to get a birth control due to the inconsistency of my monthly nuisances. When it came down to decision time, I was unwilling to do pills because I knew I wouldn’t remember to take them, and I did not want anything up me where it did not belong, AKA, an IUD. I knew many people with Nexaplanon, and never heard any complaints about it. It also sounded like the lowest maintenance, which I am a big fan of! With that being said, I gave it a little more thought and settled on the only implant I plan to get put in my body.

But like any form of medicine, there are going to be some repercussions, good and bad, of it. I am here to inform any curious mind about the pros and cons of the birth control implant based on my personal experience! Don’t get too uncomfortable!


1. Sex=little to no worries

  •  I told you this might get a little uncomfortable. I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. But this is an obvious pro when it comes to any form of birth control. In fact, you have less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant when you have Nexaplanon.​

2. No need to remember!

  •  Like I said before, with birth control pills, I knew I would not be responsible in remembering to take them on a daily basis. With the Nexaplanon, there’s no thinking needed!

3. Longevity!

  • The birth control implant lasts in your arm for 3-5 years!

4. Potential of no periods


1. Elongated periods!!!

  • In all honesty, this con does cancel out most of the great gravity the Nexplanon holds. I’ve had this implant since this past October. As I am writing this, at the end of February, I am still in the same position. Now, this is a side effect that usually only affects a small amount, but the periods can last up to six months! And when it comes down to it, this is the opposite of what I wanted out of this birth control. You may be wondering, what if the period lasts longer than six months? Well, I am back to square one with the removal procedure.

2. Mood swings

  • This is another big con that could weigh out a pro, depending on who the implant affects you. Personally, I have noticed a lot of mood changes and even bigger increase in my emotional sensitivity, and my friends and family can account for that.

Overall, the Nexaplanon is not too complicated. It’s also something that is going to vary from person to person. You can take this information with a grain of sand or the whole damn shaker. But most importantly, do not rush this important decision and be thankful for what modern medicine has to offer!

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