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As the fall semester is coming to an end, we are all becoming burnt out which is causing us to need a break, and that I OK. Whether your break is a day or a whole year, it is fine. You cannot possibly do your best on your schoolwork and prepping for finals if you are burnt out physical or mentally.

Your mental and physical health comes before your education. If you are just the tiniest burnt out on a class day, and you do not think you will do your best, it’s perfectly reasonable to email your professor and say that you are not feeling well enough. You use that day to truly rest. Unplug and sleep or color or watch movies. Whatever you need to do for a day to recover quickly and hop back into classes just as quickly, do it.

If you need to take an entire semester or year off, that is just as good if not better than a single day off. I took a gap year from my last university, and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made in my life. I spent my year working from home as a full-time sitter. I did not worry about school except for when I decided to sit down and apply to new colleges in my free time. My health has never been better, and I know that it is because I took a year off.

One of the best things about college is that you are not required to finish in four years. You may be encouraged to finish in four years or less, but you are not required to finish in four years. I should be graduating this May, but because of my much needed gap year, I will be graduating in 2022 which is five years after the start of my undergrad.

You may have already seen people from your high school graduating class graduate, and you may feel discouraged, but their path is not your path. Chances are they probably took classes during the winter and summer terms and did not get a break. If that’s true, they were probably just as burnt out if not more. Not to mention they are probably taking this time off to rest before grad school or working. You do not have to be like them and push yourself to where you aren’t taking a break till after graduation. Yes, a break after graduation is great, but you do not have to wait that long. If you need a break, take it.

I cannot stress this enough to take a break. It does not matter how long your break is as long as you are feeling recovered and ready to tackle college once again. If you decide in December or right before returning in January you need to take the Spring 2021 semester off, that is also okay. It does not matter how late you decide to take time off if you need it as long as if you take that time. Go on. Take a break. Drop your winter classes if you need to. Do whatever you have to to take care of yourself. I promise, if you are considering taking a break, go with your gut and take that break.

Avery Dill

Louisville '22

I am a transfer Junior attending University of Louisville. I was a part of the Brenau Chapter and am now a writer for the Louisville Chapter.
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