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Small Pumpkin In Hand
Small Pumpkin In Hand
Anna Thetard / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

It all begins with starts with the drive there. It’s an important part of the trip. It’s a long drive across what my family calls the “pumpkin patch bridge” after years of going over it every October on our way to Huber’s, my favorite pumpkin patch. As a kid, the best part is picking the pumpkins, finding the biggest one, the heaviest one, and the goofiest looking one. My family has a rule; you pick it, you carry it. Sometimes I’ve regretted my victory as the sibling with the biggest pumpkin. As I’ve grown older, I have grown to love the restaurant they have there more and more, but before we get into the restaurant, we will start with the pumpkin picking.

As you wait for the tractor to take you to the patch, the crisp autumn air is filled with delicious smells of the restaurant nearby. The giggles from families celebrating fall traditions just like ours. It could warm anyone’s heart. The tractor ride is an important part of the trip as well. As you head toward the patch, the tractor bumps you along as you get to see all the different fields that Huber’s has to offer. There’s a nice apple orchard, which I have been to once, and it isn’t quite as exciting as the pumpkin patch and a bit pricey. The main event is definitely the gigantic pumpkin patch. The later you go in the season, the slimmer the pickings. So if you’re looking to go this year, pumpkin picking may not be as great, but if you are a skilled searcher, you can always find a perfect pumpkin, just probably not the biggest ones. The pumpkin patch is great for the thrill of getting to choose your pumpkin out of so many options and perfect for a cute date or family outing, however as with the apples it’s a lot pricier than buying a pumpkin from Kroger, so you want to make sure you use the full pumpkin whether to carve it, make baked seeds, pie, bread, etc..

The next part of the trip is the best and seems to get better every year. There are two options for your dining. There’s an actual restaurant where the best thing to get is the family meal where you get chicken and dumplings, ham, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, Waldorf salad, and maybe another side or two for the family to share. It’s enough food to put you in a coma. It also comes with the best apple butter I’ve ever had to compliment the rolls. It’s a meal to die for. There are also plenty of dessert options like the famous pies, if you even leave enough room for it. I would rank Huber’s restaurant as one of my favorites, and I look forward to going every year. The other option is the buffet which offers much of the same food and is in my opinion just as good, just not as fancy. The price is the same for both, but the buffet includes dessert and a drink, so it is the better deal. I would recommend the buffet, personally, because it’s a better deal and quicker than the restaurant.

The last part of the trip is usually the winery. It is not connected to the main part of Huber’s but just a couple of minutes away. It offers a great ice creamery and a great selection of wines made in house. There’s also live music at the winery, so it’s a great place to relax and let your full stomach settle before the long car ride back, where you’ll wish you could have brought all that food home. Apart from those, Huber’s also offers some games for younger children and a play place. It also features a nice country store and gift shop. The farm is obviously filled with great places for cute fall photos. It’s a must this fall for people in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area and one of my favorite family traditions!

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