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How to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Whether you have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you or not, everyone deserves to treat themself on this day! For me, this is one of my favorite holidays (maybe that is because I call it “Fallontine’s Day” and force everyone to celebrate with me) and you should make it yours too! Here are a few ways to ensure you take care of yourself on this day without the need for a significant other! 

1. Spa day 

Go to the salon to get your nails done, hair done, massage, anything! You can also treat yourself to a spa day in your own home. Throw on a face mask, take a bath, light a candle, and relax! 

2. Girls night!

Text some of your besties and invite them over to watch a movie, have a dance party, or just hang out. 

3. Shopping day

You know you have needed a good excuse to get those shoes you are dying to have. You deserve them! 

4. Make a yummy breakfast or bake some sweet treats

As someone who rarely eats breakfast, sometimes it can be nice to take some time and make yourself a good meal to start your day off right. Baking can be a fun way to treat yourself too! 

5. Watch a good movie

Turn on your favorite movie of all time and pop some popcorn! Make this day all about YOU. 

6. Buy yourself flowers

Am I the only one that feels like they have their life together when I have fresh flowers on my table? 

7. Catch up on sleep

Between school, work, and friends, my sleep schedule is not the best. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than cuddled up in your bed! 

8. Read a good book 

While I love reading, it is not something that I ever make time for. Find a book you have always wanted to read, but never found the time to, and spend your day reading!

Fallon McAllister

Louisville '23

I am currently majoring in Marketing and Management at the University of Louisville where I am a member of the 2019 pledge class for Chi Omega! My hobbies include playing soccer, making earrings, and drinking coffee!
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