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How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

The beginning of January is full of hope for the new year and is full of resolutions so you can start living your best life. For most people though, those resolutions are pretty short-lived. I'm going to give you several ways to make your new year's resolutions into full grown habit, in order to make 2020 your year. 

 Get a Calendar/Planner 

One way to keep up with your resolutions is by keeping track of your progress on a calendar or planner. Whether you want to drink more water, or exercise more, make sure to mark it down every time you complete your resolution for the day. This way you are always being kept accountable every time you look at your daily planner. There even whole planners dedicated to helping you reach your goals, you can find one here

Make Small Goals

Many times when deciding on New Year's resolutions, people set their sights too high and then often give up. Make your New Year's resolutions very attainable and in sight, this way you can reach your goals and then make more once you've reached them. Do not start out wanting to work out every day, instead, start out with three times a week. If you start out small, your goals will feel much more attainable, and it will be much easier to keep up with.

Make it a Lifestyle

Once you grow those resolutions, you can turn your small goals into a lifestyle. The only way to stay living your best life is to turn your goals into more than just resolutions and expand upon them over time. Start out with your small goals, and gradually increase the amount of times and the gym, or glasses of water you drink, or healthy meals you eat during the week. Whatever your resolution is, make sure you keep at it even when the year is over. This way you can continue to thrive. There are many products that can also help you turn those resolutions into a lifestyle.

Reward Yourself

Always remember that most things are okay in moderation. Just because you want to eat healthier does not mean that you can't have a cheat day every once in a while. Just because you want to drink more water doesn't mean that you can have a soda, just don't let this get you off track. If you're nailing your resolutions, don't forget to take the time to treat yourself throughout this process. This way your resolutions aren't so rigid and you have something to look forward to throughout the year. 

Don't Get Frustrated

New Year's resolutions can be very frustrating, especially when life gets busy. Everyone has school or work to get back to, and it can be hard to find time to complete your goals everyday. Don't let this frustrate you, take small steps to reach the goals you want, and if you miss a day, don't worry about it! Everyone has off days and that is alright, just get back on the horse the next day and work hard to keep up with the goals you have to see the results you want.