How to Stay Productive During Quarantine

During this quarantine, I'm sure everyone has had their fair share of procrastination. Doing  classes and work from home can be difficult when teachers and friends are not there to keep you accountable for all of your work. Well, don't worry because I'm going to give you some tips on how to stay productive while you’re social distancing. 

Fix Your Sleep Schedule

The first thing everyone wants to do when they have an opportunity to sleep in is to do just that, but it's important to keep a fairly normal sleeping schedule. To stay productive, try and make sure that you are still getting up at a reasonable hour every morning. Just as important, make sure you are going to sleep at a reasonable hour every night. This way you can work on assignments during a time when you normally would each day.  

Routine Routine Routine

Just because you aren't going out every day doesn't mean that you shouldnt keep a similar routine to the one you are used to. Make sure you get out of bed every morning and prepare for the day just like you did before quarantine. Brush your teeth and get dressed like you would for class or work every morning. This way you are more likely to actually sit down and get work done in a productive manner. If you stay in bed in pajamas, it is much more likely that you'll want to stay in bed all day. Make sure you keep your eating schedule on a similar time each day, and it'll make staying on task that much easier. 

Keep Your Work Schedule the Same 

One way to keep yourself from procrastinating is to do school work during the same hours that you would have class normally. This way you get all of your work done in a timely manner, but during a time that seems natural. This is the same for those working from home. Make sure to wake up and get everything done immediately or you might never get it done at all. 


Just because quarantine is in effect, it doesn't mean you can't get a proper workout in. If you live in a more secluded area, you can get outside for a run or a hike. Just make sure if you are going outside, you are staying safe and healthy. If you live in a more crowded area, don't worry because there are plenty of online workouts to choose from. If you are a UofL student for example, the Student Rec Center puts workout classes online for free! This can help you to wake yourself up, or tire yourself out so you can get to sleep on time. It can also be a great way to relieve stress from online classes. 

These are just a few of the ways to keep yourself from getting off track during the quarantine, so go forth and keep working hard to get those degrees. Most importantly though, make sure you stay safe and wash those hands.