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Frosty tears of amethyst kiss your forehead, 

gently serenading the song of winter. 

It gets harder and harder to get out of bed 

When the warm covers make you feel pinned. 

The soothing scent and soft of peppermint- 

the exhilarating taste of fresh gingerbread; 

the melody of sensations hint at fulfillment, 

with countless indulgences awaiting ahead. 

Life seems so vibrant as the new year approaches; 

a new year of laughs and tears at each turn. 

For all of the stress and work that encroaches, 

Remember to partake in the rewards you earn. 

Savor the moments with friends between school, 

and the dreams you fabricate each night; 

because your smile is the greatest tool 

to make every winter day feel just right.

Jason Ho

Louisville '22

Hello, my name is Jason. I am studying neuroscience and biology as an undergraduate at the University of Louisville.