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Why You Should Take an Exercise Class

Exercise definitely has different meanings for everyone. It comes easy to some and not necessarily to others. Other things that should be taken into account here are motivation levels, experience levels, and simply just your personality type. Although working out in groups may not be for everyone, group classes can prove to be more motivating and allow a sense of belonging. They also provide a teacher to help lead you through the exercises, which can be very pleasing to beginners. Individual and online classes are also available if you’d rather take a class by yourself but still have someone lead you through the motions.

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There are multitudes of types of exercise classes that you could immerse yourself in. Some of these classes include yoga, different genres of dance, Zumba, body pump, spin, specific workouts, etc. Find something that interests you!

Exercise is great for the body and your overall health. It can also relieve stress and may even be therapeutic for you. Exercise helps induce serotonin, and it can even lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. (Plus you can stop feeling guilty about all that Easter candy!) These classes (especially the yoga and dance classes) can help you learn better control of your body while keeping your body active. When any exercise is involved it is always good to stretch, and the stretching alone could work wonders for your body and future health. Plus, it can be fun, giving you an excuse to try something new!

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In-person classes may still be limited, but you can find almost anything on youtube, and try it from the comfort of your own home, maybe even invite a few of your friends over to take the class with you (or do it together on zoom!)


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