What’s in a Name: Plant-Based Lifestyles

There has been a growing interest in vegetarianism within the past few years. Many people have been concerned with farming practices and welfare, so they’ve turned to change their lifestyles. However, there’s diversity in plant-based lifestyles. Here are definitions for these different lifestyles. 


Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

Outsource Photo A person who is an ovo-lacto vegetarian eat fruits and vegetables and dairy and egg products. While they’ll stay away from meats, they may eat eggs or cheese or drink dairy milk. They may also use leather and honey. 


pan full of lobsters and seafood Pexels A person who is a pescatarian eats fruits, vegetables, and seafood products. They still may eat fish, shrimp, lobsters, crawfish, and crab, while avoiding meats like steak, chicken, and pork. 


packaged fruits and signs set up at a booth at a farmer's market Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels A person who is a fruitarian eats fruits…that’s it. They’ll stay away from meats, eggs, dairy products, and vegetables! 


Three pre-made meals in containers Photo by Ella Olsen from Pexels

A person who is a vegan will eat fruits and vegetables. They’ll stay away from meats, eggs, dairy products, and anything that has had a face. 


There’s a whole diversity of plant-based lifestyles, each with its own focus. A thought to remember is that to find a lifestyle that is congruent with you. Try it out, and you may just like it!