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It’s nice to see everyone getting serious about taking proper care of their bodies. These are the best times of our lives! We want to look our best to be the best. Life can be too much at times and that’s okay. So go ahead and preserve a day just for you to pamper yourself. If you are going to a spa, take your time to destress, and don’t forget to tip. However, if you choose to go to freshen up DIY style, soak in a warm, bubble bath with one of the three body scrub recipes below of your choice. 

1. Sea Salt Scrub


½ cup of ground sea salt 

½ cup of almond oil. 

Do not use table salt or coarse sea salt because that will be too rough on your skin. Salt is said to have antibacterial characteristics. So after you make it, and don’t use it all, you can store it somewhere without having to worry about it going bad. You may also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to give it a nice scent!

2. Coffee Scrub


2 tbsp of hot water 

½ cup of coffee grounds

1 tbsp of warm coconut oil. 

When mixing these ingredients, you are welcome to adjust the amount of oil and coffee grounds to your liking. If you like the smell of coffee, this scrub is perfect for removing dead skin from the body.

3. Brown Sugar Scrub


½ cup of olive or grapeseed oil

½ cup of brown sugar. 

For anyone who has sensitive skin, this is the better of the other 2 options because it is more gentle. Also, a small con to using sugar is it will leave your skin a little sticky but that can easily be fixed by rinsing the body off with water thoroughly.

The best part about these DIY recipes is that most of these ingredients are common household items. There is also a cheaper option to use Epsom salt if you do not want to buy or make a body scrub. All body scrubs do the same thing, so don’t be fooled by the fancy words and pretty packages they come in. With that being said, enjoy your next self-care day your way.

Brianna Fielding

Louisiana Tech '22

Hello! I am junior at LA Tech University. My major is Medical Technology but what I really love to do is be creative. Whether it is DIY projects, sewing, painting, etc. Random fact:I love sunflowers and roses! (Best combination of flowers to me) ^_^
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