Open When... (A Collection of Poems)

This collection of poems is dedicated and written for readers to relinquish the internalized emotions. These poems are meant to paint pictures, to find the right words to fit descriptions and connect to the world. This is your story, to reflect on the chapters of life and living. Reflecting on what you have lived through and to truly begin living again. Open when you are ready to heal.




Diamond in the Rough

You are the meaning of the chaos,

and not everyone gets to have you.


Because not everyone can handle,

the madness that surrounds you.

The obstacles it takes, to get to you.


You are the beauty in the struggle.

You are worth every moment of it.


Green Grass

The grass was never greener,

maybe the saying is mere fiction.


Maybe it seemed prettier as a picture. What if you were actually the other side?


The side that seemed to suffer,

but never seemed to die.


We Meet Again

I was hoping to see you again,

just to remind you I am still standing, I am still living,

I have been gifted peace.


I remember the curse that crept

past your lips wishing

me the worst,

but I am happy.


Happily moving on through life,

without you in it.

I was hoping to see you again,

just to let you know,

I made it.


And I pray you do as well.


Carry On

Sometimes you have to be strong enough,

to walk away when things are too much.


You are not weak nor giving up,

you are just moving on without it.

You are strong enough to carry on.


Here and Now


One day you will stop

 looking at the past,

that lingers behind you.


That period of your life is over.

Learn from it,

Appreciate what it was,

and then keep

moving forward.  

Otherwise, you miss out,

on life’s other offers.


Waiting to Exhale

After all of the internalized pain,

from holding in and feeling everything,

I can finally breathe.  

I have been waiting to exhale,

for what felt like,

an eternity.