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We waited three hundred and sixty-five days for this relief. The happiness that fills the air as the New Year comes around is thick. After the chaos that wreaked havoc in 2020, we all can say, "We made it.", in the middle of a pandemic! It seems by being home more, there have been dubious amounts of activities to do, but here are a few to start this new year fresh and full of life.

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  1. One of the first things that'll start your year off is sleep. Make sure to get your full 8 hours of rest to make each day feel amazing. During the pandemic, it may seem this is all you end up doing, but that's your body preserving energy.

  2. Get fit! Do daily workouts (squats, lunges, and even running). The main resolution for many is to lose weight. Come up with a good diet plan, and stick to it until you see results.

  3. Along with that second one, EAT better/healthier. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Limit the amount you consume and at what time you eat. 

Here are three simple resolutions that promote better lifestyle choices! This year we might take our resolutions a little lighter, trying to change small pieces of our lives. Taking small steps for better results will help a lot! Choices like choosing to drink water daily, run every morning, or to quit smoking can make a huge impact. Here are a few more resolutions that can be an excellent start to 2021.

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  1. Join a club. As college students, we are busy with work, school, and family. Joining a group surrounding a subject you like would add to your social life. Participate in something bigger than yourself! Clubs like the Art Society, the Black Engineers Club, or the Poetry Society are all fun ways to expand your horizons. During this pandemic, we are continuing to social distance, so some meetings may occur online. Zoom is still a great way to mingle and beat boredom.

  2. Become a plant mom or a new pet owner! The presence of more greenery can reduce stress, and the companionship of a furry friend can reduce loneliness. Grab a couple of friendly plants next time you're out and about, or stop by the animal shelter where several pups and kittens are waiting to be adopted.

  3. Plan a vacation. Boost your happiness by scheduling time to relax and travel. Whether it's one state over or around the world, it can be enticing to plan a trip. Start by taking time off from work, then pick a great place to go discover. A weekend getaway would be worthwhile!

These three resolutions are perfect for gaining happiness and getting out of your comfort zone. They are slightly bigger decisions but full of adventure and will guarantee pleasure. An escape to the Bahamas with your new group of friends and a puppy named Spot would be precisely the adventure you could be looking forward to in 2021. Last but not least, what about a few emotional resolutions.

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  1. Start therapy. In 2021 we should be in tune with our emotions, and finding someone to vent to is significant. I think therapy can help many become better. Solving issues from past instances and exploring yourself internally can be very fulfilling. 

  2. Volunteering around the community. Has being cooped inside the house almost drove you insane? Well, what about helping around the neighborhood? Get with a group of individuals who can help clean up the community, work in a community garden, and nurture vegetables for the less fortunate. You can even build homes for people. Getting involved can increase morale and make an impact in the world.

  3. Donate old clothes. This may seem small, but for many, it can be a considerable effort. Your wardrobe grows with you, and I'm sure there are a few outfits you can spare.

  4. Lastly, give yourself a new look! Dye your hair, change your style, or even add a flare to your walk. You can become whoever you aspire to be, but remember to stay true to yourself.

[bf_image id="q5mv3e-23j2ko-e0nuxs"] Ten resolutions all made to increase happiness and reduce the stress of the new year. If you find yourself sleeping more, traveling across the world, or talking to a therapist, you are one step closer to a better version of yourself! Begin this year with a crazy hobby or new adorable kitten to keep you company. Either way, these resolutions can be a big step towards a takeover. I want everyone to start with a bang, and these ten resolutions may be the decision of a lifetime! 

Bianca Houser

Louisiana Tech '23

Hi I'm Bianca H, some call me Terra. Focused in Liberal Arts and classifying as a sophomore with spunk! Usually, drawing and socializing. Catch me on campus next year but due to Pandemic we'll only communicate through the Web. Peace, love and curls!
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