Last-Minute Gifts that Don’t Require Shipping

Christmas is a week away, which means that anything coming from somewhere other than Amazon Prime may or may not make it in time to sit under your tree on Christmas. There are several things that you can make or pick up locally that could be wrapped and waiting under the tree in just a few hours.


Here are some ideas that are sure to fit the people still not checked off of your holiday list:


Make something!

If you have a little spare time, make something sentimental. This can also end up saving you a lot of money! With a cheap canvas, a few paint colors, and a brush, you can easily make a holiday painting. There is also the option of something less seasonal, depending on the recipient. One of my go-to last-minute paintings, particularly for someone I’m not very familiar with, is a simple and traditional Christmas one. Who doesn’t like a classic St. Nick painting at this time of year?


Give an ornament!

Craft stores have huge selections of ornaments, so you’re bound to find something that will suit any person on your list. Hobby Lobby has everything from bacon-shaped ornaments to the most ornate and timeless ornaments for those who prefer more traditional decor. If you’re feeling creative, pick up some clear spherical ornaments while you’re at the craft store, and fill them with glitter or draw on them with a paint pen for a more personal touch. You can also fill them with candy, buttons, and all other kinds of things. This may be faster than the canvas painting option, and it will still show the recipient that you made their gift special.


Bake something special!

Many people have family and/or friends visiting during the holiday season, which means that they will need more food than usual. Your contribution of a pie or a quiche may just be the most thoughtful present they receive. Especially if you have a recipe that is a widespread hit, consider making a few batches for those people who are difficult to shop for! You can always cheat and run by the local bakery if you’re short on time.


Grab a gift card!

If you really aren’t sure how to suit someone, you can always get them a gift card. Though some people view gift cards as the easy way out, most people appreciate the freedom to buy something they will actually use. Particularly if you’re shopping for another young adult, a gift card may be a great option because young people are often on tighter budgets than older adults and, therefore, appreciate practical gifts. Visa gift cards are an especially great way to ensure that the people on your list get something useful out of your present.