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I’m mocked by the way I naturally grow,

I guess being different means I’m wrong?

Based on standards set from so long ago,

that even today such backward views hold strong.


On the bright side, there are queens who love me

despite the discrimination they face.

They would still stand out like a honeybee:

Naturally precious and full of grace.


Don’t listen to the rumors they may spread

regarding how I define gravity.

My curls turn into coils, thin like a thread,

and may snap or break like glass so easily.


In reality, I am just high maintenance.

Love to queens who wear me with elegance. <3

Brianna Fielding

Louisiana Tech '22

Hello! I am junior at LA Tech University. My major is Medical Technology but what I really love to do is be creative. Whether it is DIY projects, sewing, painting, etc. Random fact:I love sunflowers and roses! (Best combination of flowers to me) ^_^
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