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With the year 2021 just starting, there are many of us thinking about our resolutions. You may want to lose weight or save more money or many other things but, remember to give yourself little victories along the way. Here are a few!

[bf_image id="gqmcwhrcn756wspxv7g8gnk"] If you are someone who enjoys making lists, check off the things you have already completed. Give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you finished something. This little victory can help motivate you to finish the other items.


Those who may be trying to lose weight or eat healthier, start by cutting out unhealthy foods in your diets like soda or candy. Try to work your way up from this point to set a weight or muscle goal for yourself. When you have successfully cut something out or reached a goal, then celebrate by doing other, non-food-related activities you enjoy, such as spending more time watching a show or playing a game. Celebrate those little victories without sacrificing your hard work.

[bf_image id="2bxghg795f7grt75jzqr86"] Some resolutions are continuous goals. In these cases, try setting tangible milestones. For example, if you are trying to save money, make a goal to save up a hundred dollars every month of the year.  Be sure to keep these milestones realistic, or else risk overwhelming yourself. Keep your goals reachable and pat yourself on the back when you reach them.


Having resolutions for the new year is great, and I wish you the best of luck sticking to them. However, do not forget to allow yourself the opportunity to reap the benefits of your hard work. 


Celebrate the little victories. 

You deserve it!

Kelsey Blaylock

Louisiana Tech '21

Hi! I'm Kels (They/Them). It's nice to meet you!
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