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Be Selfish About Self Care Days

Sometimes your body and mind need a break from the repetitive mundane. As much as I hate to describe life like this, sometimes it can be just that: a boring cycle. You may even find yourself losing motivation or having nothing to look forward to. Now of course if this is all the time, you may need a lifestyle change, but a simple remedy to those occasional times is a self-care day.

What does self-care even mean? Well, it looks different for everyone but I’ll give you a few tips to get you going. Also, keep in mind there are so many variations as to why a self-care day is needed and the different ways to go about it. I’m specifically describing one to help reboot you and get you out of a little funk. 

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First things first, we need to fuel our body and mind with good things! Start your day with a good breakfast and remember to take any vitamins:) It may be helpful to plan your meals for the rest of the day, but try to eat two more good meals (ones you enjoy and that are good for your body). It can be easy to forget to make enough time to eat good meals in our busy schedules; be kind to your body today, it deserves it… and so does your mind. Our mental state can directly affect our mood, and it’s important to be conscious of that. I’ve seen many influencers say to read motivational text in the morning to keep you going, and as great as that sounds, how many of us are going to do that? Definitely not me… Instead, I think music can be just as powerful. Create yourself a ‘good mood’ playlist and play it while you’re going through your morning routine– washing your face, cooking breakfast, etc. Honestly just play it as often as you’d like with whatever you’re doing with your day. 

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Now that we’ve gotten our day started and have a little energy, let’s get our bodies moving. Yes, workout! BUT it can look like anything you want! If you enjoy going to the gym and working out, perfect! If not, I got you covered too. If exerting yourself makes you rethink your life decisions, try some yoga or just plain stretching instead. Stretching is so good for your body and muscles, and you can do it from just about anywhere– you don’t even have to get up. 

Give yourself a mini spa day– spend some time washing your face, hair, etc. Anything you don’t always have time for is perfect to include here. Personally, this means a face mask and painting my nails. It just makes me feel good, and that’s what this day is all about.

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This is your day, do something that makes you happy. Clean up a little, go for a walk, do a little retail therapy, bake something sweet, paint… maybe even try something new that you’ve been wanting to. 

A self-care day should be tailored to you specifically and what makes you feel good and happy. Like I mentioned before, it also depends on what kind of self-care day you need… sometimes your body is just exhausted and you need a day in bed doing nothing and that’s perfectly okay! Take time for yourself as often as you need it. You deserve it. 

Hailey Rodgers

Louisiana Tech '22

Hi! I'm Hailey and am currently a marketing major at LA Tech! I love traveling and gaining new experiences along the way (:
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