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4 Ways to Get Unstuck

We all have those times when we feel like we’re stuck. Others are getting ahead in life buying houses, getting married having babies, graduating, etc., but when you look at where you are you might feel that you haven’t moved an inch. Don’t panic: it happens to everyone! Here are some tips to help put you back on track and continue your journey. 


Figure out Why You Started

Going back to looking at why you started isn’t just “I did this cause x, y, z”. It’s also the motivation and desire that went with it. Over time, feelings can fade out, even if you felt at the beginning that they were going to stay. It’s perfectly normal! Try using a vision board, or a goal tracker to keep you on the road back on track.


Focus on Yourself

You are in control of you. If you focus on others, you really aren’t invested fully in yourself. Everyone is different when it comes to life goals. Some go to college, some work, go into the military; it doesn’t matter what they do. They’re doing what makes them happy and they are accomplishing their life goals. Look at your accomplishments and where you are now. If you haven’t gotten far, you still have room for improvement. Instead of saying, “I haven’t done anything”, try something like “I have room for more opportunities and possibilities”.   


Time is Patience

Think of yourself as a flower. Each flower grows differently. With time, good habits, a good plan, even back up plans, you can achieve anything. Not everything will go as planned, but you’ll never know if it will be good or bad until the moment it happens. You’ll know when it’s time. Stay patient, even buy a small plant to take care of as a reminder.


Getting Back on Track

As stated earlier, using a goal tracker can help you get on track. If making goals is too overwhelming, try to do things to distract yourself. Clean or organize, go on a walk, drink water, seek guidance, meditate, do what makes your soul happy.  You know what works for you, even do some research on getting back on track!


Feeling stuck is a part of life. It’s perfectly okay and normal! Sometimes, it’s your mind telling you its time to take a break from being this super awesome person and connect with yourself again. Remember, the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Keep it up!

Gwendolyn is a Louisiana Tech University graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She worked as a contributing writer under the La Tech HC Chapter. In her free time, she loves to read, write, edit, listen to music, watch movies, and explore new places and things. She plans to find work in book publishing for children's books.
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