Skincare for Sensitive Skin


Rashes, dry patches, allergic reactions, I have experienced it all when it comes to trying new skincare. Having sensitive skin takes away the fun of doing face masks with your friends or trying the newest trend in skincare. After years of trial, and mostly error, I have finally figured out what works best for me! Now, what works for me might not work for you, but everything I am going to mention is extremely gentle on the skin. If you are struggling with sensitive skin give these products a try!

Cleanser – Michael Todd Honey and Oat Cleanser $23

This is the only face wash I have used for the past 6 years and it has never failed me! It is very gentle on the skin while still removing makeup and grime from the day. I’ve found that products made with mostly natural ingredients have less of a chance of creating a reaction on my skin.

Exfoliant – Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Exfoliant $19

Most conventional exfoliants use plastic bead to create the abrasive affect, Michael Todd uses natural jojoba wax beads to gently exfoliate the skin.  

Toner – Michael Todd Cranberry Antiox Toner $19.00

Are you sensing a pattern yet? Michael Todd has been my go to brand for years, I recommend it to everyone! This toner will help take off any excess dirt from your face as well as add some hydration back into your skin.

Moisturizer – French Girl Organics Facial Oil Elixir $44.00 *HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT*

OMG, this tiny bottle is pure magic! After months of having horrible skin reactions resulting in dry and flakey skin, this product brought my skin back to life. I use four drops on my face and neck morning and night, my face stays moisturized all day without looking oily. I know its a little pricey, but with only using a few drops it lasts a long time! This serum seriously is my saving grace.

Sunscreen – Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ $25.95

If there is one thing that my skin hates most its sunscreen. There is something about the chemical sunscreens that causes a major reaction on my skin. This natural sunscreen uses Zinc Oxide as the main UVA/UVB protectant. Although the product says it’s a moisturizer, I still apply it after my Facial Oil Elixir because it doesn’t give my skin enough hydration. SPF helps your skin stay looking youthful, so this is a must (even on cloudy days)!