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Saying Goodbye to Seniors, as told by Parks and Rec

So you may be about to experience a very sad time in your life…having your older friends graduate. I’m currently a Junior and it is now just hitting me that a lot of my best friends are leaving and my life at LMU will be a lot different without them. I figured the only way I could express my feelings was through my favorite characters on Parks and Rec…

When you know that graduation is approaching, but you just don’t want to talk about it

Whenever anyone asks you, how it’s going to be next year without your best friend


Preparing yourself to say goodbye

When people ask you why you are so emotional


Thinking about how you will get through next year without them being there to point you in the right direction

When they start to pack up their house to move out and everything become that much more official


Discussing with your friends who are also freaking out about graduation

The day before graduation

The day of graduation


But then you see your besties walk across the stage and you can’t help but be extremely proud

When everyone else is celebrating afterwards and you know you should be excited but are feeling a mixture of emotions

But you of course are there to celebrate them and all of their amazing accomplishments


On the inside

You finally come to terms with the fact that they are leaving, and know you will always be BFFS and you can visit each other


Telling them that they have to keep in touch no matter how busy they are

You try to send them off with an emotional speech letting them know how much you love them


Knowing that next year you’re going to be graduating and have to go through this all over again


Finally, the advice I can give you to make yourself feel better is always remember to…

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