Nature’s Gift to LA: The City's Best Acai Bowls

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is to thank for many of our favorite fashion, music, and food trends. Enter the acai bowl, the breakfast option that tastes like ice cream, but is actually good for you. Equal parts healthy and delicious, this superfood berry- blended treat is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Acai bowls originated in Brazil (where the fruit comes from), and is also a popular treat in Hawaii. In LA, acai bowls have become a culture in itself - they are always Instagram worthy, after all. If you haven’t gotten on board yet, it’s about time. Here are the top 6 acai bowls around LA you need to try NOW:



Location: Venice

Why We Love It: Located right on Abbot Kinney, this hidden breakfast spot tops their bowls with homemade paleo granola. The mixture contains raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, coconut, cinnamon, maple syrup, and a well-kept secret ingredient. If you bring a friend who’s not quite in the mood for something fruity, they serve organic cocoa and peanut butter puffs too. Score!

Image via How You Glow


Location: West Hollywood

Why We Love It: All of the bowls at this Melrose Avenue gem come with the option to customize by blending the acai with either almond milk or apple juice. The maca bowl topped with bee pollen is to die for!

Image via Grub Hub


Location: Manhattan Beach

Why We Love It: This spot boasts options galore including a peanut butter chocolate bowl, so there’s something for everyone. Being able to enjoy your breakfast on the beach doesn’t hurt, either.

Image via Morgan Donahue, student


Location: Marina Del Rey

Why We Love It: Pick up a Brazilian bowl just down the street from LMU. Bonus: they package their bowls in to-go containers so you can grab one before class in the morning. Check out their locations in Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Downtown LA, too!

Image via Juice Crafters 


Location: Malibu

Why We Love It: There’s something about Sunrise that almost instantly makes you want to become a vegan or go on an organic-only kick. Cue their acai bowls (they have delicious Greek yogurt and chia oatmeal bowls as well) topped with hemp seeds, considered to be the most nutritious seed in the world. If you’re sweet tooth is extra active, ask to top your bowl off with chocolate-covered goji berries.

Image via Michaela Bushkin, author


Location: Everywhere

Why We Love It: What’s not to love about a healthy food truck? Follow Rockberry on twitter (@Rockberrytruck) to see where they’ll be serving up their 8 superfruit bowls every day.

Image via Roaming Hunger