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We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of an incredible sleep only to wake up to that unpleasant alarm blasting in your ear. Or if you’re Stormi, you wake up to Kylie Jenner serenading you to “rise and shine.” In all seriousness, no matter what your alarm sounds like, it can be tempting to roll on over and hit that snooze. Often I do. However, over quarantine, I began waking up earlier when I could, and found a sense of empowerment in having that time to call my own. The morning offers so many opportunities, not only in terms of what you can do but also the various frames of mind with which you can begin your day. Despite my newly developed love for this time of day, making it mindful is still something I am striving for. Here are some tips and tricks which have helped me in my efforts to make the most of my mornings:


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1. Keep that phone off!


I know this one is really tough! I put it first because not only is it the most difficult, but it has proven the most impactful on my morning mindset. It has taken me a while to break my habit of going straight from my clock app to Snapchat, Instagram, or the app that really puts me in a time warp, TikTok. As much as these apps can be entertaining and make me laugh and smile, they distract me from the current time and place, making it hard for me to be present truly. I try to stay unplugged for at least 45 minutes, but I am not always successful in this goal to be completely transparent. 


2. Hydrate, HYDRATE!!


I know what you’re thinking; this seems painfully obvious, but I have noticed it is much easier to get dehydrated than one would think, especially when that schedule gets busier. Starting my day with a bottle of water (reusable, of course) has done wonders for both my energy level and my skin and left me feeling refreshed!


3. Journal your thoughts 


I’ll be the first to admit it took me a long time to get into journaling. I had wanted to start for a long time before quarantine, but being someone who enjoys structure, sitting down, and spontaneously writing about any topic seemed overwhelming to me. For this reason, I gave myself a prompt. As I mentioned above, being in the moment is essential to me, and recognizing what I have to be grateful for, helps me do just that. After writing down what I am feeling thankful for at that moment, I write down whatever else I desire to, but that initial topic gives me a place to start. No matter your case, don’t worry about length or quality. Just get writing!


4. Move your body!


This is my favorite because I find it the most fun and customizable to your personal preferences. There are days when I am not feeling like moving, and that is entirely normal and okay! On those days when I am feeling up to it, my movement includes running, strength training, swimming, biking, walking, and occasionally yoga. It looks different from morning to morning, based on what I am feeling. It’s all about knowing yourself and moving your body in a way that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. This is also a great way to start waking yourself up before that coffee, of course. 


5. Set intentions for the day 


This is a new addition to my daily routine and the topic of focus in my yoga class and has ever since been on my mind. As much as I love spontaneity and the aura that accompanies going with the flow, setting intentions can give your day direction, put you more in touch with yourself, and make you more aware of your actions and the impact they may have on others. This has already done wonders for my productivity, so I recommend it! 

Sophia is a sophomore from Seattle Washington, she likes New Girl, the color yellow and spending time outside!
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