Healing Powers of Music

Life can beat you down, we have all been victim to the hardships that are associated with being human. Yet, there is something magical about music: whether it be a single tune, a band, or song that heals you – music makes you feel heard. Sometimes there isn’t any reason or explanation that can match why music is able to comfort us during these times, it just has the ability to do so. The raw emotion that is displayed through songs allows us to feel moved and even for a moment, healed. We as a nation are in the midst of an extremely difficult time, and yet artists continue to inspire thousands worldwide with their music and that impact is helping so many people. 


On March 27, the band 5 Seconds of Summer released their newest album entitled, “Calm.” Though the album title is a combination of the four band members' initials – Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford – it seems fitting for the message that they are trying to achieve. Personally, the second I listened to this entire album I felt this sense of tranquility. The members of the band write lyrics that are honest, raw, and purely emotional. 


With bops like “Old Me,” we are able to view the transformation of what it means to grow up – something that we all are able to relate to. This track is an emotional act of thanks, describing that the person we have become is due to the person we once were. Growing up, it’s easy to be embarrassed of who we used to be, but this song acknowledges that we should thank that version of ourselves because without them, we wouldn’t be our current selves. It is a beautiful display of connection and evolution of what it means to be human – to learn, to grow, and just to be. 


“Lover of Mine,” is one of the softer, more emotional tracks in the album. The melodic tune itself provides a sense of warmth and peace. The lyrics surround how it feels to have this love and care for your partner, wanting to never be separate from them. The haunting vocals on the track provide pure emotion that is impossible to replicate. My favorite line, “When I take a look at my life/ And all of my crimes/ You’re the only thing that I think I got right,” may be a bit cliche but you are able to witness how real and truthful it is, and it sticks with you. This song is one I personally cannot stop listening to, just because of how open and honest the lyrics are especially if you have felt even a small ounce of the raw emotions being sung. 


To me, “Lonely Heart,” is a perfect description of the flaws and mistakes that make up humans. We are constantly trying to get through life, and in the process screw up – but it is what we do to try and repair our mistakes that matter. The track is stripped down with the acoustic guitar, and feels so direct and intentional. The lyrics describe wanting a second chance, after realizing all that was once lost. Ultimately, the honesty in this song displays that we as humans desire to be loved, wanted, and to find a home.


My absolute favorite track of the album, “High,” is a beautiful expression of loss, of unrequited love. There is something simultaneously painful and beautiful about this track. It expresses this want, this need for someone of your past to hold you in a high regard. The tone of this song feels as though we are grieving too. Letting go and moving on is the hardest thing to do, even if it is the right thing to do and this track specifically narrates that in such an honest and pure manner.


5 Seconds of Summer has always released music that has impacted their fanbase greatly, but even more so this time around because their fans collectively are going through pain, and their music is playing an important role in their healing process. There is an undeniable power of music, one that is necessary to the explanation of what it means to feel human. We need these feelings to remind ourselves of everything: the joy, the pain, the grief, the love – so in turn, we will be able to appreciate all the aspects of life, especially the painful ones. This music provides us with a safe haven and a place where we can connect, feel heard and move forward in unison.