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Freshmen Communal Bathroom Do’s & Don’ts



It’s going on week four of college and the novelty of living in the dorms has officially faded. Now, living with an entire floor of girls has some perks so it’s not all bad, but the shared bathrooms are towards the top of my “Worst Things That Come Along With Living With So Many People” list.


I would like to say that I understand completely that the bathrooms are going to get dirtier way faster because so many people are going in and out of them everyday. However, I would like to suggest a few way for everyone to help keep the bathroom cleaner than it has been for the last three weeks:


  1. If you make a mess clean up after yourself. On multiple occasions I see completely destroyed sinks because the last person that used it decided to not clean up after their task. I understand that when you do your makeup and brush your teeth that some fall out can follow, but simply splashing some water on the side of the bowl will do the trick to clean the sides off.

  2. Flush. They isn’t much to say about this point except just make sure to double check that you have flushed, everyone that walked into the stall after you will greatly appreciate it.

  3. The walls aren’t supposed to be hairy. I currently have short hair, so it doesn’t often end up on the walls of the shower, but I use to have long hair and I know the the cons that come with it. It can be a hassle to wash and condition and it whips around as your showering, but I also know that it takes no time to wash it off the walls. I would love to not be in the shower and accidently touch the wall and turn to look and see someone else’s hair all over me.


Now these are just the main issues that I have with the communal bathrooms and I’m sure other students have more to add to the list. In the end please just be considerate of the other people that are using the same exact showers and toilets with, this way awkward RA meetings can be avoided and no one will every dread using their dorms bathroom everyday.


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