Five Ways to Make the Best of Your Internship

Internships may seem daunting and scary, but they can be extremely beneficial for so many reasons. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most out of your internship experience!


  1. 1. Research

    Do some research beforehand in order to show up prepared! You should have an understanding of what the company you'll be working for does and who you will be working with or for. It never feels good to be confused and overwhelmed in an unfamiliar environment, so make it easy on yourself and show up prepared and ready to learn more. 

  2. 2. Be open-minded

    It's super important to understand that there is still a lot you don't know. You might be assigned tasks that seem unfamiliar to you, or that may even feel scary. Take what you already know and try to apply it as best as you can. Sit in on meetings, observe the company culture, talk to other employees, and simply do the best you can to keep up. Keep in mind that each and every company you may intern for is different!

  3. 3. Ask questions

    Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions! Everyone started right where you are at the bottom. Surprisingly, most people love answering questions - not only about a project but about their own career paths as well. Be mindful and polite when asking questions, and be especially careful not to overreach. It can be extremely useful to get a first hand account of a working adult's career path. 

  4. 4. Make connections and maintain them, too!

    Networking is EXTREMELY important. You will meet so many people during your internship, so be sure to make a great first impression and try to remain in contact afterward. You could very well cross paths again and it could be very advantageous to have connections in the field you are looking to go into. Therefore, always put forth your best work and try and be the best intern you can be. 

  5. 5. Stay off your phone

    It can be very easy to subconsciously escape to your phone while at work. Remember though that this internship experience is limited and isn't something that can be taken for granted. If you are able to secure an internship, use your time wisely. You have an amazing opportunity to gain experience and knowledge, so why waste that time by being on your phone?

An internship can help you not only learn more about the company but about yourself and what career you want to pursue, too. You may learn that you love the company you're interning at or maybe you'll realize that you hate it. Either way, you learn more about yourself and ultimately if the job is a good fit for you or not. Make the most of this amazing opportunity as you move one step further along in your career.