Female Fitness Icons That Will Get You Off the Couch Literally Right Now

  1. Whitney Simmons (@WhitneyySimmons)

Whitney Simmons is perhaps my favorite fitness youtuber to grace the planet. Not only is she gorgeous and a great example, but shes honest about her fitness lifestyle. With the motto “It’s a beautiful day to be alive”, Whitney uploads videos about just about everything fitness related. She vlogs in the grocery store, posts weekly workouts, and is an amazing person to follow whether you are a fitness pro or just starting out!


2. Natacha Océane (@Natacha.Oceane)

Natacha Océane is a fitness guru… who eats 2,800 calories a day. Yup, you heard me right! Check out her channel to figure out how the heck that works. Natacha focuses a lot on how being healthy does not mean cutting down calories to the point of starvation, in fact, it can be quite the opposite!


3. Sarah’s Day (@Sarahs_day)

From workouts to skincare, Sarah covers it all. She uploads a video every three days, so you’ll never have to go too long without some inspiration. Sarah’s youtube channel and instagram are filled with workouts, yummy recipes, and vlogs about her daily life as “youtube’s holistic health princess”.


4. Amanda Bisk (@AmandaBisk)

Amanda Bisk is a fitness instagram ICON. Previously an Australian pole vaulter, Amanda focuses on yoga, flexibility, toning the body, and she has the cutest dogs ever (make sure to follow them on insta too!).


5. Adriene (@AdrieneLouise)

If you’re looking to get into yoga but not quite ready to leave your house to do so, Adriene is your gal. She posts yoga tutorials that will have you feeling like you’re in your own private studio in the comfort of your own living room. She has a variety of videos that target specific areas that can be troublesome in our daily lives, such as the lower back, and provides remedies for these issues. Check out her youtube channel here.