Campus Celebrity: Hannah Dawe

If you have ever taken a yoga class at LMU's Burns Rec Center, you likely already know the lovely Hannah Dawe. This yoga studies grad student loves health, fitness, and being outdoors. Want to know more about how this yogi got started and what the sacred practice means to her? Read our Q&A and check out one of Hannah's classes Tuesday and Thursdays at Convo and Fridays at 11 am. 

How did you get started practicing yoga?
My beautiful mother brought me to my first class. I was probably in 7th or 8th grade at the time and had no interest in confining myself to a rectangle mat so it didn’t stick. It wasn’t until after high school when I had stopped dancing and playing soccer (which were my outlets for physical energy, stress, creative expression, ect.) that yoga reemerged as a practice that helped bring wholeness back to my life. 
What do you love about yoga?
What don’t I love about yoga?! I love that it is a practice that has something to offer anybody and every body. Personally, the greatest gift of consistent practice has been the gradual ability to slow down all the crazy business going on inside my head to see more clearly what is truly meaningful in life. 
How did you get involved teaching at LMU? Do you teach anywhere else?
I started teaching at LMU as an undergrad. I also teach down the hill from campus at Yogavista. The yoga community in LA is unreal!
Do you do or teach any other fitness activities?
When time permits I like hiking; nothing better than the natural high of getting out in nature. I also teach spin which is a super fun sweat fest.
Do you see yourself pursuing being a yoga instructor as a career?
Currently taking one day at a time ; )