Best Workout Leggings

When you go for a workout class, gym or just workout at home, you want workout clothes that you feel comfortable in it! Getting new workout clothes really is a motivation for me to work out and be more excited about it. My go-to workout is pilates and lagree method, which are core focused workouts. Even though people say pilates is a slow impact workout, the classes I go make you feel so strong after and also sweaty haha. So, here are clothes that I am in love with at the moment that makes me feel comfortable, sucked in and they show no sweat marks, which is so important for me ☺


1. We Are TALA Zinnie Leggings

This brand is my favorite at the moment. It is eco-friendly, but not too expensive as the other brands. The leggings are approximately 55 dollars and they are super soft and show literally no sweat marks. They give tall and short options, which is great. As a 5’ 11’’ person, some workout leggings look too short on me, but not with this brand. The cons of this brand are that it sells out so fast, unfortunately. They also have super cute bras, which neon colors that I love!


2. Alphalete Revival Legging

If you want to rock a red color on you, this is it. The red revival leggings they have are absolutely so good. It is stretchy, buttery soft and is true to size. They are squat-proof even though it is a light color and are sweat-proof as well. They are coming out with a pink one recently, which is so exciting!

3. Lululemon Aligns

I think everyone knows about these leggings and love them. They feel like nothing on your leggings and are buttery soft. They have so many colors to choose from. However, they are a bit on the pricy side. So, if you do not want to spend that much money, go for Amazon Yogalicious, which is 20ish dollars and are similar to them in fit or get Fabletics.



4. Fabletics Powerhold Leggings

These leggings are the best for the days you feel bloated. They suck you in so well in all the right places and are on the thick side when you compare these with Lululemon ones. Also, these are super affordable. The first order is 24 dollars for two leggings !!

Go check these brands out! You will not regret any of these purchases. They are really the best leggings out there. Hope you will love them as much as I do!