The Best Things To Do To Make The Most Of Quarantine

Since quarantine appears to be lasting longer than expected, I decided to be creative and find ways that I can keep myself busy in the long days rather than occupying my time with homework. Below I will share some fun and creative things you can do with your family or even by yourself, so you too can make the most out of our long days! Be sure to try them out and have fun with it!


  1. 1. Workout at home using some apps

    I like to workout and stay busy on a regular basis and I wanted to keep my routine as similar as possible. I have tried multiple workout apps but my favorites are  Tone It Up, Workout Women and Peloton. I have also tested out some Instagram-Live videos on Gold’s Gym’s instagram. Similarly, Tone It Up also provides these live videos to their followers. All of the apps are free and currently offering trials.  For Tone It Up I decided to join a 14 day program which is called, “14 Day Slay” and for the other apps I like to look around and see what workouts suit me best. I highly suggest trying these apps out as the programs are free and the instructors are motivating!

    weights and band, workout materials
  2. 2. Try new recipes

    I love to bake at home and make all different kinds of treats! Recently, I have tried several new recipes from online cookbooks and Pinterest and loved them. My favorites so far are Banana Walnut Muffins from William Sonoma, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies  including walnuts for my family who likes them, and lastly Raspberry Oat Muffins (mine came from a newspaper article but any recipe online should do the trick!) A tip that I always follow is look on Pinterest or the Food Network website to find some recipes. Get into your kitchen and start finding new and tasty recipes that you can cook for yourself and your family! 

    person rolling out dough
  3. 3. Snuggle up and try new netflix shows

    Netflix recently has come out with amazing new shows and movies. I am currently watching All American which seems to be a fan favorite amongst all of my friends. Also, I have completed the seasons of Great News and The Good Place, both being fun and feel good shows to brighten your mood!

    bed w/ computer and glasses

I hope the suggestions I made will help you get through the quarantine days fast and allow you to have some time away from schoolwork. Remember to stay healthy, have fun and be open to trying new things everyday!