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The Best Cruelty Free Health & Beauty Products

There are so many different health and beauty products out there! But unfortunately, many of the most popular companies allow their products to be tested on animals. This is an issue I never really thought about until this past year. I can’t even imagine testing beauty products on innocent dogs, bunnies, monkeys, etc. And perhaps this is why I never realized the extent of the issue before: it’s purely unimaginable. Companies that do test, like Mac and Neutrogena for example, are popular so these are the products we tend to lean towards. Instead, don’t listen to the advertisements or your friends, who swear by the newest Estee Lauder palette or Origins face mask! Do some easy research and find products that are just as good that don’t test on animals. There are so many products that are amazing, and to get you started I’m going to give you the names of some of my current favorites! I’m going to give you some brands not just for makeup, but also for hair care, skin care, and more!


Hair Care:

• Paul Mitchell

• Hask ~ This is the product I am using now and I love it! It is less expensive than other hair products and can be found at Ulta. They have great leave in conditioner/detangler, heat protectant, shampoo, and conditioner!



Sun Care:

• Garden Goddess

• Alba Botanica ~ This is my favorite brand right now! I love their face sunscreen! I also buy their spray sunscreen as well as their after sun aloe lotion!


Skin Care:

• The Body Shop ~ They have great face masks!

• Alba Botanica ~ Again, Alba is amazing! I use their face wash called Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub and I love it!




• Marc Jacobs ~ I love this brand, especially their mascara! It’s a little on the pricier side but you pay for great quality!

• Physicians Formula ~ Here is a drugstore brand I’m trying that’s cruelty free and makes less of a dent in your wallet! I highly recommend it!

When trying to remove your flawless face of makeup consider the makeup removal wipes shown above from either Acure or YesTo!


Body Lotion:

• Pacifica ~ I highly recommend their scent called Tuscan Blood Orange! It smells so good!

• The Body Shop ~ Try their Vitamin E Body Butter!

• Kiss My Face ~ This is my favorite brand for lotion! I love their Tropical Coconut scent!


Body Wash:

• Kiss My Face ~ Their bars of soap, made with coconut milk, are a shower caddy essential!

• Ulta ~ Ulta has great hand soaps for your bathroom sink! They are often on sale 3 for $10 so keep an eye out for deals!


Body Spray:

• Pacifica

• Ulta ~ Ulta’s body sprays also go on sale 3 for $10! I am using their Coconut Cream one right now and I love it! I’ve also bought Warm Glow and Sugared Vanilla.


• Alba Botanica

• Tom’s ~ This is the brand of deodorant I am currently using. I like it because it’s a clear stick that doesn’t leave those little white balls under your armpits! Fun fact: Tom’s also makes toothpaste that’s worth checking out!


Going cruelty free is a process. Health and beauty products are too expensive to just throw out everything you have and start from scratch. This does not need to be a change you make overnight. As you use up the products you currently have, replace them with a product made by a cruelty free brand. There are so many options out there; you just have to find the right ones for you! I hope this list above helps get you started!


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