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Up and Coming Makeup Brands You Need To Know About Now


Makeup and beauty is a big passion of mine. I love trying new products and experimenting with new trends. I am always on the lookout for the newest and best products on the market and I hope you’ll enjoy some of these innovative and up and coming makeup brands as much as I do.


Saturday Skin

This skincare brand is fairly newer with only 9  products in its arsenal, from face masks to moisturizers, this new brand has you covered. The brand’s goal is to give you preventative anti-aging effects and give you an overall a more youthful glow. Their packaging is to die for, plenty of millennial pink all over every product and each product will have your skin looking glowing and flawless. My personal favorite of all their products is the cleanser. It removes all makeup and leaves your skin feeling moisturized unlike many cleansers on the market.



Verb Hair Care

Created in Austin, this haircare brand is newer to the hair care market and just started to be sold in Urban Outfitters and Sephora. The brand is rooted in a commitment to natural beauty and putting little effort into getting ready. Some of my favorite products from them are their curl cream, which helps to hold your natural curls and reduce frizz, as well as their hairspray, which provides maximum hold without leaving your hair crunchy.




This company has a large cult following now but I love this company so much that I couldn’t leave it out. The company was founded out of the inspiration of “ Into the Gloss”, an online beauty blog. Glossier is a brand targeted at millennial women who are looking for new and innovative beauty products that take the hassle out of getting ready in the morning. Before releasing any product, Glossier conducts large surveys on what their consumers want out of their products. Glossier is by far one of my all time favorite beauty brands, and with products ranging from beauty to skin care and now fragrances, there is sure to be something on the website that you’ll love!



Match Co.

I wanted to include this brand into the mix for all the ladies out there who have a hard time finding their shade in the ranges of more established beauty brands. Match Co. is a makeup brand who works to fill this gap in equality in the beauty industry by providing a customized foundation shade to the purchaser through the technology in their app! They also have a store in Santa Monica not too far from us.



Skin Laundry

Though Skin Laundry started as a facial and laser treatment spa, the company is slowly expanding into its own brand. With its products now available at Sephora, it’s not hard to treat yourself to a quality facial at home!



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