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Why Beyoncé is the biggest heroine to woman-kind of our era



–          THAT GQ cover, I mean come on. She makes standing around pouting in a tee and pants look sexy but not slutty.

–          Her songs are not only iconic, but anthems, and woman-loving in every single way. ‘Who run the world? GIRLS’… ‘A diva is a female version of a hustler’…and who can not include “Single Ladies”?! Basically I’m saying the woman is the meaning of the female boss (give it up Tulisa) and is flawlessly empowering women all over the shop and making them dance round in skin tight leotards and booty shake to “Crazy in Love”.

–          When the song comes with a dance move, who can resist trying them out? I can’t for one. When you’re flailing around the living room pretending you’re her it’s just plain funny, so the woman gives us laughs as well as killer moves for the club (if you ever get to that level of expert, let me know.)

–          The woman’s been pregnant, and had a baby (shocker, I know) both whilst still making music and performing it all round the world.

–          She’s friends with the President of the United States. THE PRESIDENT. When you’re asking Obama for baby tips you know you’re in with the cool crowd. She’s definitely got the power in her hands ready for world domination (I’d be voting).  

–          She’s been dubbed the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ and has sparked jealousy tweets from Rihanna. She’s definitely one of the only people I would consider actually, genuinely beautiful. LOOK AT HER (*cough* GQ cover)

–          Amid debates over her Inauguration performance of the national anthem, and suggestions that she lip-synced, I have never seen a woman avoid the public eye and deal with it in such a classy manner. Girl’s got class in abundance.

–          She’s sassy, and encourages others to be also. Who’s the ‘best thing you never had’? Every single female screaming along to it on the radio…GIRL POWER, and not even in a cheesy Spice Girls kind of way!

–          She’s one part of the infamous Destiny’s Child, a 90’s staple. And unlike all other girl groups in existence, they’re all still friends and have numerously come back on the scene to bless us with more music…2013 is the next one ladies! Despite being the most successful of the three there is clearly no bad blood, and that’s classy.

And now, after a major love-fest over the beautiful, talented woman that is Beyoncé, I’m going to hit you with some of my favourite anthems of hers, just so we can all stare longingly, wishing we were as cool as her and that we had the ability to throw out the dance move in “Crazy in Love” where she licks her thumb. If you know the video, you’ll know the move, and hopefully you can imagine how utterly embarrassing it is when you try and do it in the middle of the club with too many tequila’s in your system to ever make it look good. Enjoy…


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