Profile: Vivienne De Burca

This week Her Campus catches up with Vivienne, the president of our committee to see if she has any top tips for next year! 

How have you found being president of Her Campus Leeds this year?

Being president of Her Campus has been extremely fun and exciting. It has been challenging but I’ve had a great team behind me this year; I definitely couldn’t have done it without them!

Best bit about the role?

The best bit about the role is getting people to join and be a part of Her Campus. It’s been great to meet people along the way and learn about them and their interests. We’ve had some great content and great members that have made the magazine extremely diverse in it’s content this year.

How long were you involved in Her Campus for at Leeds Uni?

I have been involved in Her Campus for 2 years at Leeds University. It was great to find a society that was all-inclusive and helped you to develop your interests and have a platform that enabled you to write about them.

We know your time at Leeds is coming to an end! What will you miss most about university?

I think the thing I will miss the most is having my friends a stones-throw away from my front door.

Are you excited for graduation and importantly, have you got a dress?

I am extremely excited for graduation! Although it seems like the end of an era, I’m excited for the next chapter. I will definitely have to wear waterproof mascara, I think I will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement and it will be such an emotional filled day with my family around, especially my dad who graduated from the university 23 years ago in the same hall...who would have thought?!

I have a dress that I’ve had for about 4 years now. It was a great investment from Ted Baker, it seems to be timeless and I always get complimented in it. My friends think I’m crazy not buying a new dress and getting caught up in the excitement...but why buy a new one if you know you look good in something you’ve already got?

Have you got any plans for after your graduation?

I will hopefully work over the summer and earn some money to save up for travels and my master’s degree starting in September.

Finally, do you have any tips for next year’s committee?

Just take things in your stride, communicate with your team and stay organised, but take things one step at a time and you’ll have the best time and gain some great experience and make some great friends.