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Our Top 6 Shows for Procrastinating 

Our Top 6 Shows for When You're Procrastinating 

We know revision time is coming around fast, and that means one thing only: it's time to start procrastinating. We had a chat with our sister chapter over in Nottingham to find out their three favourite series to procasta-watch and we picked our top three too...enjoy! 

Full/Fuller House

This 80s/90s family-friendly sitcom was the launching pad for the Olsen twins, getting cast when they were just 6 months old! The show follows newly widowed Danny Tanner as he struggles to parent his three girls, enlisting the help of his comedic pals Joey and Jesse (played by a young John Stamos).

If 8 seasons of that heartwarming goodness wasn’t enough, the show saw a relaunch in 2016 for Fuller House, and both shows are available on Netflix in conveniently sized 20-minute episodes.


Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched this show already, where have you been?! The American sci-fi horror introduced the world to Millie Bobbie Brown who somehow manages to steal every scene she’s in despite merely mumbling a few words an episode. It returned last Halloween with its second season, and you probably binge-watched it over a few days, meaning it’s time for a rewatch!


Big Little Lies

It’s unusual to see such a star-studded cast for a TV show, but Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley joined forces last year to tell this dark and twisted tale of lies, deception, abuse and murder. Receiving 16 Emmy Award nominations and winning 8, each gripping episode builds to the finale’s shocking climax you’d be hard-pressed to guess. With a second season in the works for early next year, there’s no better time to get caught up.



This is entirely self-explanatory, the best sitcom ever made? I think so. Friends episodes are only 20 minutes long so perfect for a quick revision break, and on the other hand there are over 200 episodes so when you finish it you can pretty much just start from season one again. It’s light hearted, hilarious and just amazing. If you haven’t seen it before (then what have you been doing your whole life?) then get going, it’ll quickly become your favorite go to show.  



One of the best series to come out of 2017… Mindhunter is about the people who pioneered the term ‘serial killer’. The series is based on a true story as it follows two FBI agents through their study of what we now call, serial killers. Prepare to face some creepy, creepy people. They interview a series of men who have committed the most unthinkable crimes in order to determine the behavior of serial killers. It’s only 10 episodes and season two is in the making but not out yet, so it’s defiantly worth a watch.


The Bold Type

This quirky, rom-com esque show is about three best friends who live in New York City and work for Scarlett magazine. It follows the three girls as they struggle with all the usual issues of a 20-something, love, sex, and work… The show is based on the magazine Cosmopolitan and in fact their ex-editor-in-chief is a co-producer. If working in media in New York City is your dream then you will love this…and if you’re just looking for some light hearted, funny drama then this is the one for you! 


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