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As part of a series of campus celebrities who are running to be part of the Leeds University Union (LUU) Exec Team (see interviews with Emma Healey and Jamie Ali), this week Her Campus Leeds talks to Sam Pease, who is running to be the welfare exec! 

Hi Sam! Thanks for chatting to us. So, tell us a bit about yourself..

I’m Sam! Studying biology in my fourth year, I’ve just returned from a placement year where I lived in London for the year working as a clinical trial manager for GSK. My hometown is roughly an hour away from Leeds, although I rarely go home because it’s so boring there! I’m a pretty sociable character, I like to be out and about chatting to people and getting involved with as much as I can!

What made you decide to run for the LUU Exec Team?

Firstly, I love the union as it has helped shape me as a person and has allowed me to become comfortable with myself and grow and develop in so many ways. I would love to be part of the Exec so I can ensure that other people have that same excellent opportunity and experience with the union as I have. I really care about student well-being and want to make sure that all students in Leeds are happy, healthy and having a great time, just as I am!

What's a typical week like for you?

A typical week for me involves lectures and some time in the lab working on my dissertation (observing fly behaviour!). I like to attend any talks/ panel discussions held by societies, so a few of those are usually on the cards too. I also like to have a trip to the pub with pals to catch up on what we are all doing! It's hard to describe a general week for me because I like to do as many random things as possible! But Fruity on a Friday is essentially a given…

What changes do you want to make if you are elected?

If elected, I want to get us talking about money. One of the biggest things that almost all students are worried about is money, but it’s the topic we like to talk about the least. I want to create budgeting workshops so you can learn to better manage your money and also meet other people with the same concerns as you, effectively creating a support network so people can work together on tackling their money concerns.

I also want to increase the support available for students on placement years/year abroad, primarily by creating an online space where people can chat about their concerns and worries with other people in the same boat as them throughout the year. It will also be useful for those who are looking for people to live with on their return!

I think most importantly, I want to work on increasing the low uptake of the welfare services. Our union has excellent welfare services and I want to make sure they are accessible and available to everyone, no matter what you study, what year you are in and where you are in the world. I think it’s really important to make sure students are seeking help for their concerns and worries because university is a great experience and I want to make sure students are enjoying it!

Why should people vote in this year's election?

People should vote in the election because this year there are more candidates than ever before so the competition is hot! Every vote this year will count. More importantly, the union is for students and getting your voice heard is important.

Anything else to add?

It would be great to chat to readers about their thoughts on the leadership race! If anyone sees me on campus, feel free to come over for a chat and let me know your thoughts. Also, thanks to Her Campus for the opportunity to be Campus Celebrity this week, it’s a privilege!


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