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What is Modern Heartbreak?

What is Modern Heartbreak? 


Modern heartbreak is read at 11:18 but there hasn’t been a reply at 12:45.


Modern heartbreak is knowing you two could be incredible together, but also knowing that you had your chance and it’s probably not going to come back around.


Modern heartbreak is having intense feelings for someone, but knowing they have them for someone else entirely.


Modern heartbreak is hearing the one person you want to be with talk about being with someone else.


Modern heartbreak is knowing the only reason he called is because he’s drunk and you were the name that came up in his phone.


Modern heartbreak is hearing guys talk about how all they were trying to do is “hookup” with you and having no intention of getting to know the incredible person you are. And then wondering if this is how the adult world really looks.


Modern heartbreak is staying up half the night talking to someone and then them acting like it was nothing the next day.


Modern heartbreak is being willing to do anything for someone, but knowing they will always choose someone else over you.


Modern heartbreak is living with the regret of never trying with someone and now you lost your chance.

So congrats millennials. This is the world we’ve created. Let’s live to make everyday better than the world that’s been formed.


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