Take a Study Break with the Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit

Finals week is upon us, which of course means stress central. We’ve all been experiencing long days, and even longer, sleepless nights. Don’t let the chaos of finals week get you down. It’s totally important to study, but it’s probably even more important to take a really good study break. Your brain can overload from too much cramming, so put down the notebooks and take an hour or two  to unwind and T R E A T  Y O U R S E L F. Don’t worry, Her Campus is here to help.

First… go take a shower…

I know what you’re thinking, but let’s be honest… you probably haven’t showered during the last few days, and there’s one or two face demons popping up from the stress. A clean face is a happy face and a nice warm shower can recharge your body. So get washing… Don’t forget to take your Pure Silk shaving cream with you!

All good now? Perfect! Now it’s time to truly relax. Grab a Leaders Cosmetics 7 Wonders face mask. We recommend the Carribean Coconut Calming Mask with the stress you’ve most likely been putting on your body this last week. Now this has to stay on for 20-25 minutes, so you’re going to need something to occupy yourself while you wait. Don’t even think about grabbing that phone. You are supposed to be relaxing and destressing, and logging into social media could be the worst thing for achieving maximum relaxation. Instead go heat up some water and brew yourself a nice hot mug of Yogi tea. We recommend the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy flavor, because we need all of the good vibes we can get… am I right?

Got your tea? Sheet mask is on? Now what?

Since we’re treating ourselves tonight, let’s top it off with a bit of leisure reading. That’s right, reading… and not for a class! We’re going to be reading a book we received courtesy of  Book of the Month, which is a great way to find new books to read, if you’re having trouble finding something that sparks your interest.

Feel rejuvenated? Success! You’re recharged and ready to take on finals week like a boss!

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