Top 10 Christmas Movies and the Homemade Snacks That Go with Them!


            Christmas is just around the corner and the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit is with some classic Christmas movies! I’ve compiled a list of my holiday favorites that make me want to curl up in a warm blanket with a Christmas treat. For each one of the movies below I’ve added the perfect recipe that you can spot in the movie and eat along with your favorite holiday characters!


  1. Home Alone

For me, Home Alone is always the first Christmas movie on my list. It’s the quintessential Christmas movie, and nothing goes better with Home Alone than a lovely cheese pizza – just for you! I’ve found the perfect homemade pizza adorned with Christmas colors that’s perfect for the occasion that you can find here!

Watch the trailer here.


    2.  The Holiday

This is the perfect romantic comedy to cuddle up to this Christmas! Starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as the two leads, they both switch homes for the holidays and find unexpected love. Plus, Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe is ev-er-y-thing. On a cute date one of the couples have, they drink a peppermint stick hot chocolate that you can easily replicate at home following the recipe here.

Watch trailer here.


    3.   National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

This is the ultimate holiday comedy classic that makes me laugh every single year! While the Griswold’s handle living with their relatives on Christmas, they always have a punch bowl of eggnog for their guests to sip on. You can find an easy eggnog recipe here, that you can make before the movie and drink along with the characters!

Watch the trailer here.


4.    The Happiest Season 

This is a new movie premiering on November 26th about a woman with plans to propose to her girlfriend at her family’s holiday party, when she discovers her partner hasn’t come out to her parents yet. This new romantic comedy is soon to become a Christmas classic, so don't miss it! Since the film has yet to be released, you can decide which treat you’d like to pair with this film by choosing a holiday recipe here.

Watch the trailer here.


    5.   Last Holiday

This is another holiday comedy movie that always puts a smile on my face! Mixing romance and humor into a perfect combination, Queen Latifa plays a woman spending her life savings on what she’s been told will be her last Christmas. The Food Network worked first hand to prepare the meals you see in this movie, and they have compiled a list of the stand outs for you to try here! I recommend the Risotto Barolo with Roasted Vegetables (because it seems to be the easiest!)

Watch the trailer here.


    6.  The Polar Express

Heartwarming is the perfect word to describe this animated holiday classic. As a young boy takes a train to meet Santa he is introduced to many new things, the most important of which is creamy hot chocolate. You can make some for yourself at home following the recipe here!

Watch the trailer here.


    7.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey playing the Grinch who grows to love Christmas is another must watch movie this December! I found the perfect easy green Grinch cookies that you can make here.

Watch the trailer here.


    8.  Elf

Will Ferrell as an elf – enough said. The perfect combination of heartwarming humor always puts this movie on the top of my Christmas list. An elf’s major food group is candy canes, so follow the recipe here to make your own at home.

Watch the trailer here.


    9.  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This classic from 1964 still holds up today as a feel good holiday special! This is perfect if you’re looking for a short and sweet Christmas movie to watch alone or with the family! You can make cute little reindeer cookies to watch along with the movie following the recipe here!

Watch the trailer here.


    10.  It’s a Wonderful Life

This is another old but gold Christmas movie that perfectly captures the heartwarming ideas of Christmas. Filmed in black and white, you can almost feel the cold snow coming off the screen! One of the characters requests flaming rum punch that you can make copying the recipe here.

Watch the trailer here.