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My Favourite Fall Fashion Trends


Turn to the left 


Turn to the right

 – David Bowie


“Fashion”, the song that the quote above is pulled from, is a great tune written and performed by the late David Bowie. You may recognize it from Clueless, the incredible 90s movie featuring Alicia Silverstone as Cher. You know, the one about how the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say “RSVP”? Or more iconically, the movie where Cher rocks yellow plaid ON yellow plaid? FASHION! 

A little known fact about me: when I’m not swearing off dating apps or living for Brie Larson, I am totally scouring the internet for the latest fashion trends. I look to celebrities on Instagram and online publications, like Her Campus, to find the hottest new thing. I also have 3 Pinterest boards dedicated to fashion and the styles and trends I adore! But only recently have I actually started dressing the way I want to dress. I feel like I am finally stepping up my style game, and my roomies actually agree! I have heard at least 20 times since school started that I look great and that my ‘lewk game’ is top-notch. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear sweatpants, t-shirts and jeans, but I think the key is to do little things to elevate your style. For example, as I type this I am wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, white Adidas sneakers, but I paired it all with an oversized black blazer, which is on-trend

Another trend I recently bought into is corduroy. I found a gorgeous animal print (another trend) corduroy dress while shopping at Value Village. It was fifteen dollars, in my size and love at first sight! I snagged it while I could (I ended up spending ninety bucks at Value Village, but whatevs) and bought a black turtleneck to wear underneath, which is perfect for fall. I think the great thing about thrifting is you can buy into trends without (always) breaking the bank and you help the environment, #sustainability! 

Because I’m a pal, I have decided to include 3 more of my absolute favourite trends. I will also tell you how I style them, cause I’m just that nice! 


1. Little White Booties! I paired my white boots, which are similar to these ones, with black and white striped pants in a really flowy material that I got from Reitmans. I also wore a white turtleneck and a black cardigan. 

This picture was taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/B3MeT5zH9cU/


2. Plaid Blazers! I love a good blazer, and oversized is nice, but there is something about a well-fitting blazer, especially in plaid. I like this one and this one, but I found a different plaid blazer at Value Village. Unfortunately, the tag was cut-out so I have no idea what brand it is. All I know is that I love it and I wear it every chance I get! 


This picture was taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/BuAXNcolD98/


3. Silk Scarves! I found one at a Talize near my house and it’s labelled as a Chanel, but who really knows, right? I did find a silk scarf on Amazon that I think would be beautiful around the neck or tied on a bag. 

This picture was taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/B2zvY7Tp2UV/ 


Now let me say, I know I’m not a style blogger (totally would love to be, though) and I know not everything I wear is stylish. That being said, I am happy with the way I dress, and I am comfortable enough with what I look like to be unashamed when wearing different trends. I’m sure even style bloggers and Insta influencers have lazy days. Anyway, keep thrifting and tag me in your stylish looks on Instagram @megeghan_c or shoot me a DM with any insight into the trends for Spring 2020!


Meghan Cameron

Laurier Brantford '20

Meghan is a fourth-year Criminology student with a passion for writing. She enjoys tea, petting dogs, and thrift shopping. Meghan spends her days planning trips she can't yet afford and practicing her award show acceptance speech! Give her a follow on Instagram @megeghan_c for punny captions and too many selfies.
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