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Mental Health

Mental Health Resources at Laurier Brantford

The world is improving, and mental health is becoming less of a taboo topic. This allows those who need help to reach out instead of dealing alone. University students are one of the largest percentages of people who go through mental health struggles because of their always changing lives and the amount of stress they endure daily. The issue then becomes that the students are ready to reach out and ask for help but do not know the resources that are available to them. This article is listing out the numerous resources that are available to students studying at Laurier Brantford. 

Many resources on campus offer every-day help from anxiety to depression. The Wellness Center on campus offers services that are available to all students. The experts use short-term goal direct counselling, crisis intervention, and crisis management that are all available remotely by appointment during this challenging time.

Empower Me is another resource available for graduate students for 24/7 support on any topic they need. Empower Me can be reached at +1 (844) 741-6389.

Another available resource is Keep Me Safe, which is an international student support program. This resource provides articles, tools, resources, and counsellors accessible 24/7 for students through a phone call or the app. 

Many resources are available for emergencies. Students should be aware of these if they, or someone else, should ever contact them if they feel there is a risk to their safety. One resource is Here 247, and a helpline students can call if they are suicidal or feel like they may be putting themselves or others at risk. A professional will address the situation and help in any way possible; they can be reached at +1 (844) 437-3247.

Special Constables are another resource available to students for emergency cases, and they can be reached at (519) 756-8228 ext. 5888. 

Resources are also available on campus for everyday well-being support for students. These are groups that put together events and programs to promote healthy living and student success. One of these resources is the Accessible Learning Center, which is available to all students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Once a student is registered with the Accessible Learning Center, they have access to all of the resources to help them reach their full academic potential. The trained professional staff encourages independence and self-determination in all students.

Wellness Education is another resource that holds programming led by peers and professionals to promote and encourage students to make healthy choices and engage in healthy behaviour. They have various workshops throughout the year covering topics such as stress management, performance and exam anxiety, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

Peer Support is another resource available to students, creating a safe space for students to discuss life concerns with peer supporters. These supporters are trained to listen, validate, and refer students to the resources needed. This is a drop-in service for all students, and no appointment is required.

Finally, the Safe Hawk App is a resource that all students can depend on. It connects students to different emergency hotlines, such as Good Talk and Help 247, and it also has alerts for students’ safety on campus. 

Mental health is not something to be ashamed of, and it is not something you have to deal with alone. There are professionals available just a quick phone call away who want to make sure that your university experience is everything you hoped for. If you have been struggling and are thinking about reaching out to someone, take this as a sign and make that phone call.

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