Laurier Brantford's New Women's Wellness Club

With it being empowerment week, I thought it would be a good idea to write about a new club that I’m starting up on campus! This club focuses on empowerment and accountability surrounding women’s mental and physical wellness. I am thrilled to start this club because I love being a part of empowering female communities that have strong values and heart.

I believe there are other women out there who would also appreciate having an empowering female community to work out with. The Women’s Wellness Club will be about creating community between young women who strive to be healthier both mentally and physically. Doesn’t meeting new people, working out, and improving your mental and physical well being sound like a dream come true? If it does then come out and join the group! All self-identifying women are welcome. The more the merrier! Let's empower each other to do something really awesome to empower our bodies and push ourselves to break new grounds for fitness goals.

I highly encourage you to join if you are reading this, no matter what level of fitness you are at, because it is all about working out with a friendly group and doing healthy things for your body. The club meets 2-3 times a week to either pair up and work out with a buddy, follow a workout plan or join in on an awesome YMCA fitness class. We hope to see you a part of the group because empowered women empower women!

For more details about the club check out the Facebook page.