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Free Beauty Products: A Guide to Influenster

As students, our budgets do not always allow for splurging on items that fall on the want list as opposed to the need list. For me, my list of wants often includes clothes, makeup and tech items. I have a Pinterest board of items that I am dreaming of owning but are too much for my student budget.

If you’re like me and have a list of items, especially makeup products, that you are dying to try, I have the app for you! Introducing Influenster, an online community that rewards members with free products. This site is not just for make-up, but all kinds of products and services.

I first learned about the app from YouTuber and fellow University Student Margot Lee, who posted a video about the free Marc Jacobs mascara she received (watch that video here). Intrigued, and kind of jealous, I investigated.

This program may seem too good to be true and it is not guaranteed that you will earn free products, known as VoxBoxes. But, I have already received two boxes containing a combined total of $150 dollars absolutely free!

Here’s how it works:


Step 1 – Download the Influenster App and Sign Up!

This is the easiest and most obvious step – but it is vital. You can access Influenster’s site from a laptop but in order to complete campaigns, you need to have the app.


Step 2 – Connect Your Socials

This step is also important as if you have a bigger audience, you are more likely to get free products. This is simply because Influenster, and the brands that work with them, want users to share their products and reviews online to generate more interest in those products.


Step 3 – Fill Out Your Snaps and Start Reviewing

Once your account is all set up, you will be notified that you have Snaps to complete. Snaps are short surveys about the products you use that lead you to rate and review products you have already used. You can choose which snaps you want to participate in and which ones you are not interested in. This helps Influenster to know what products you are interested in trying and shows that you are active on the app. Nearly every product is available to be reviewed, from makeup and skincare to food and household products.


Step 4 – Continue to Be Active on the App

Even if you have completed all of your Snaps, stay active on the app. Review products as you use them and engage with the community by asking questions about the products you are interested in or answer other people’s questions about your favourite products. Also, every so often new Snaps will become available for you to update. This continues to tailor your experience and shows you are committed to reviewing!


Step 5 – Qualifying Surveys

Once you have gotten set up and have posted on the app (hopefully not too long after) you will likely receive an email prompting you to fill out a survey that may qualify you to receive a VoxBox. The surveys I have filled out so far have asked about my experience and preferences with certain types of products, as well as things like my skin tone and skin type. Within a few weeks, I received another survey that said I was on the short-list and asked for my mailing address.


Step 6 – Receive your Free Products

If you have been selected to receive free products, you should receive an email stating that your box is coming! In my experience, it only took a few days for my items to arrive after I received the email. The campaign for that box will also become available on your app and as soon as you receive and try out your products, you can begin completing the tasks by sharing and reviewing to increase your chances of getting more VoxBoxes! Make sure to be honest and don’t be shy if you don’t like a product. All of your thoughts are helpful for companies to improve their products.


While these 6 steps may seem like a lot of work – I assure you it is not as hard as it may seem. I have had the app for under a year and have already received two boxes! Plus, it’s fun to review products and interact with others on the app, and the platform makes it super easy. So, if you like to share your thoughts and get free stuff, Influenster is the app for you. Happy reviewing!

Jonnica Hill

Laurier Brantford '21

Hey I'm Jonnica and I am passionate about writing, music, photography, fashion and so much more. I was a founding member of the Her Campus at Laurier Brantford chapter, and over my three years with the team have been a writer, editor, marketing director and co-Campus Correspondent. Digital Media and Journalism, Class of 2021
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