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Out with the old and in with the new! It’s that time of the year when we’ve got to get rid of the things we don’t use anymore to make room for the new. This applies to even our electronic devices. Now that we have remote workspaces that likely involve virtual spaces and devices we use daily, it’s important we keep this up-to-par and keep them nice and tidy so they work to the best of their ability! 

Here are 5 tips to digitally declutter to include in your spring cleaning regime!

Clean Up Photos From Your Photo Gallery

You go through your photo gallery and see 3,000+ photos. Go through them. Look for duplicates. Look for blurry photos. Yes, even the ones you think are “hipster” that you can post just to write an unrelatable caption to make you seem “relevant” on social media. Go through all of the non-essential photos and delete them. It’s sure to free up enough space so you can take more nonsense photos, but at least you’ll have gotten rid of the old ones that aren’t relevant.

An alternative to cutting down the number of photos you have is just by importing them onto your computer memory or USB stick. I don’t like clearing off every single photo though, (I need my pictures to post on my social media!) So, I just clear anything older than the last 3 months from the time I’m importing them, then, on devices that have this option along the lines of “delete after importing”, I check that box off. Then while the photos are being transferred, the photos will automatically be deleted from my devices after they are imported! Easy-peezy, lemon squeezy!

Empty The Deleted Folders

After going through the deleted photos, go to your “Deleted” folder and actually delete them. You don’t need the memory hogging up your space. It’s good to hold these things just in case you don’t actually want to delete them, but, this is digital spring cleaning, we don’t have time for that.

Clear Internet Cache and Browser History

This is a really simple one that does wonders. As we go on throughout our day, our daily searches can take up a lot of space over time as it gets stored on our devices. Clearing up this space can make the overall experience much smoother and make your device run better! Just go to your devices internet options and look for “History” or “Cache”. Then, hit “delete” or “clear”. Even better if you find the option that deletes your internet history from “the beginning of time” which clears every search you’ve made since life as you’ve known it. If anyone asks, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em!

Close Unused Browser Tabs

Again, another simple one that should be part of everyone’s regular digital spring clean-up routine. We all have tabs that we keep open on our browsers that we “will get back to” because it’s too important to close. But three weeks later and we are not interested in knowing, “how hot does it have to be to cook a raw egg?” (Which, by the way, is 144-158 degrees Fahrenheit). While you can keep the useful ones like, “When is tax season?”, ‘x’ out all the old ones as it’s just taking bytes of space on your device!

Delete Old and Unwanted E-Mails

This one is a big one for those that leave 600+ unread messages in your inbox folder that’s been kept over a long period of time. Do yourself a favour and go through them, and delete them. Want to make the process shorter and faster? A tip would be to search a sender’s name that’s sent you plenty of emails and go deleting them all at once. It might be a lot but slowly-but-surely, you should remove a good portion of your email inbox cleaned up and make it less cluttered!



These are the 5 ways to digitally spring clean your digital spaces. What other ways do you like decluttering your devices? Share them with us and leave a comment!

Nataly Manychanh

Laurier Brantford '22

3rd year BA Digital Media and Journalism '22 First Generation student. Amateur writer. Self-proclaimed comedian. Well-known procrastinator.