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*Mention of explicit content intended for a mature audience

If there’s one thing that can get us through the day while having to stay inside, it’s music.

As we are welcomed back into the start of the 2020/2021 winter semester, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford has announced another 28-day province-wide stay-at-home order. Citizens are asked to not leave their homes unless it is for essential items and appointments.

If it’s one thing that people learned from the first province-wide state-of-emergency back in March of last year, it's that music is a much-needed essential in order for us to get through each day. Especially with the conditions and restrictions of the lockdown being a different experience for every person, artists have certainly addressed this with the release of creative songs that speak to that.

Music is a therapeutic way to ease the mind and also tune in to our emotions while we listen to the artist. There’s something about lyrics that allows listeners to relate and having that is vital to not feeling alone especially in a world where we aren’t able to be around the people that matter the most.

Whether you may be feeling anxious, depressed, don’t feel like getting out of bed, or in a dancing mood, here is a list of songs that you should listen to when you’re feeling all types of ways over the lockdown. 

Here are the top 10 songs to listen to when you are going through the motions over the course of this lockdown:

Khalid - Up All Night

Mood: Chill vibe, late-night
Listen to when: when you’re up late all night because the sleeping schedule is too messed up, you’re taking one day at a time.

Ariana Grande feat. Justin Bieber - Stuck Wit U

Mood: romance vibes 

Listen to when: with a partner (or pet), in need of a good duet song.

Avenue Beat - Lowkey Fk 2020*

Mood: reflection, stress relief
Listen to when: you need to release anguish or frustration, you’re feeling down about 2020 but want to vibe.

Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile

Mood: feel-good music
Listen to when: you need to find your strength, need a confidence boost, need motivation.

Jhené Aiko - Summer 2020

Mood: chill vibe, nostalgic, stress-relief
Listen to when: you’re reminiscing over the summer, feeling grateful for what you have in the present, when you can’t take in what’s happening around you and the reality of the world now.

The Wombats - Greek Tragedy Remix

Mood: upbeat, nostalgic
Listen to when: remembering old memories pre-pandemic/before 2020, feel like dancing.

Kyle feat. Alessia Cara - Babies

Mood: romance vibes

Listen to when: you’re a Gen Z that’s dating, experiencing new love, taking things slow.

Jake Hope - Like You Do*

Mood: party vibes
Listen to when: you’re in a dancing mood, remembering what it was like to go clubbing, thinking about someone special.

Bea Miller and Aminé - Feel Something Different*

Mood: funky, disco vibes, fun, up-beat
Listen to when: you feel like dancing,  you’re in a funk and need something to listen to get out of it.

HONNE feat. BEKA - Location Unknown (Brooklyn Edition)

Mood: slow, piano music, sad
Listen to when: Missing someone from far away, longing for the one person you miss, grieving, long-distance romance.

These are just 10 among many other songs you should add to your lockdown playlist! 

Think there’s one that might have been missed? Share this article on Facebook and let us know what songs you think should be added!

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