Your Must-Have Guide for Study Break Activities

*UGH* Finals. Talk about a stress overload!  Time for all-nighters, crash courses, and lots and lots of caffeine.  We get your overwhelmed, but we got your back.  HC Lasell here to provide you with all of our tried and true advice to stay healthy- mentally, physically, and emotionally this semester. Get ready to absolutely CRUSH those exams!

Everyone is told to take a study break, but not all study breaks are as productive as others. When you are taking a study break it is best to avoid social media and internet surfing because it causes your brain to process large amounts of information in a short period, which is counterproductive. I’d be wary of the use of electronics in general. Here are some alternatives from scrolling through social media or just watching “one” Netflix show- because you can never watch.

Eat a meal or snack and drink water

It is important to keep your body fueled when you are studying avoid junk food and things that are too sweet. So make sure to eat a meal or a snack, but don’t overeat because it can cause tiredness. Even stop by your local coffee shop to pick up some coffee or tea, but remember to limit your caffeine intake to avoid a caffeine crash after your 5th shot of espresso. 


Exercise can be a great break to help you feel more energized. It can be as simple as stretching or maybe you want to hit the gym for an hour. The bottom line is that exercise is beneficial and kills two birds with one stone.

Move around

A walk is a great break if you only have a few minutes for a break. You can simply watch around the room or maybe go walk around a building. If you have extra time, take a quick walk around the block. 

Take a power nap

Many college students make the mistake to take a nap and end up waking up and hour or maybe four later, feeling more tired. Naps should be less than 20 minutes, so set that alarm and don’t hit snooze. 

Meditation, color or do another destressing activity

Everyone is different and prefers different destressing activities. Meditation is a common activity to do while studying because it can help focus on your mind and there is a large variety of types of meditations. Coloring can be a mindless activity, especially with the adult coloring book craze still lingering, but don’t limit yourself.

Run an errand

Maybe you have to pick up mail or run and pick up some more groceries, but this is a great way to get things done while taking a break.