Your Daily Reminder to Wear Sunscreen, You're Welcome

Sunscreen, we all know we should be wearing it but do we? This is going to be your reminder to wear sunscreen, as we enter into the warm(er) months. Stop making excuses for why you don’t wear sunscreen!  Even if you don’t burn or plan to spend all day on the beach, you should be applying it every day. If you’ve “forgotten” the many health and skin benefits, keep on reading.


1.Prevents skin aging and aids skin health

We all love skincare, but wearing sunscreen is the best preventive care you can do for your face and body! Exposure to the sun increases wrinkles and sun spots on our face, in other words, signs of aging. The UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to your skin resulting in wrinkles and aging disorders. The sun can break down collagen by penetrating the skin. It even causes solar elastosis, which causes the skin to thin or thicken causing it to be less elastic and can even affect the walls of your blood vessels (Yikes!!!!). If you don’t usually like the smell of sunscreen or if it causes flashback, it may be worth looking for one that fits your need.

2.Helps prevent skin cancer and the immune system

Everyone knows that there have been studies linking the lack of use of sunscreen to a variety of skin cancers. Show your skin (and health) some love by slattering sunscreen to reduce your risks of skin cancer. The sun causes damaged DNA which creates the growth of tumors or lesions.

The immune system can be compromised by the sun because sunlight suppressing the immune defenses and weaken the overall immune system. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to help get your immune system kicking back into shape.

3.Avoid getting burned and redness

For those of you who are fair and notice redness on your skin, this is because you are sensitive to the skin. To avoid getting bad sunburns to remember to use sunscreen daily, and not just on your face, any area exposed to the sun.

Now go buy some sunscreen!