Yelp: Not Just for Restaurants

In a new place and looking for somewhere to eat? What about somewhere to get your nails done? Need to know where the closest hardware store is? Yelp has the answer to all of these questions! Yelp helps me out in my times of need, and others need to know about the amazing benefits Yelp has!


Everything You Need To Know

Do they accept credit cards? Is there a parking lot or street parking? What is the ambience? Is it a Pokestop? All of these can be answered through Yelp. There is a whole section on the details of the establishment where a consumer can see if the place is good for groups, kid-friendly, and if they take reservations or not.


Honest Customer Reviews

I go on Yelp simply because I do not want to be disappointed. I want to know what everyone else thought of the restaurant before I go and have a meal. I need to know if the nail technicians at the salon do a good job or not. I need to know if the employees at the store were less than helpful. Also, for restaurants, I like to look at the photos of food customers post. There is a big difference between the restaurant’s photo and how it actually looks to the consumer.


It’s Not Just Restaurants

Yelp usually is used to review restaurants and find places to eat, but that is not all it is used for. I’ve used Yelp to help me find a place to get my brows threaded and a manicure. I can be found regularly scrolling through Yelp looking at anything I need, including movie theatres and malls.


Order/Reserve Through Yelp

This is a newer feature, at least to me. You can now successfully order a meal through Yelp for pick-up or delivery. Also, you can now reserve tables through Yelp. My mother once put us on a waitlist for a restaurant with an hour wait while we were sitting in the comfort of our own home. Just a click of a button and we were on the list. It’s really convenient to also see the current wait time for a restaurant while looking at it’s profile on Yelp.


Yelp is honestly one of my favorite apps. It is on the first page of my apps on the phone, and I am constantly referring to Yelp for anything. It is very helpful for anyone, no matter what you are looking for. A downfall, though, is when the page for a place does not have much information and no link to a website.