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I have been keeping plants in my room for as long as I can remember. I found the ones I liked the most, and my mom taught me how to keep them alive. Right now, my favorites are: monstera, dragon tree, and air plants. I keep these ones in my well lit dorm room, while the rest stay at home. Not only are the plants a nice decorative touch, but they provide real benefits aside from this, which I have listed below.

  1. Helping me with my homework!

Okay, not really, but plants are proven to reduce stress levels and may even help to sharpen your attention.

  1. Improving the quality of indoor air

Plants are also the best form of air filtration. They help to process the carbon-dioxide that humans breathe out and turn it back into oxygen. 

  1. Aiding me in times of pain

Aloe vera is one plant variety that has helped me since I was young. It has strong cooling and moisturizing properties that can help to lessen the symptoms of sunburn. 

  1. Smelling good 

Many plants are known for their flowers, and sometimes, more so, their scents. One good example of this is lavender! Having a lavender plant can help calm you down with just a pinch of the leaves throughout the day.

  1. Bonus: Relaxing showers

This isn’t technically a part of the bedroom, but hanging eucalyptus in your showers also has proven benefits such as: stress relief, pain relief, and respiratory health.

  1. Bonus #2: Makes me happier

Another thing outside the bedroom that I can do is take a walk. This is great because even if you can’t have plants in your room, you can still experience the benefits. Finding a good local place to take a daily walk has helped to elevate my daily mood.

I am a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management.