The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List (Since We Have Some Extra Time on Our Hands)

Since the majority of our spring has been spent inside, it is a great time to do a detailed spring cleaning list.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

Starting with the obvious here. It is a great time to go through clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. After social distancing is over, you will have a large bag to donate! 

2. Go Through Books

We all hoard books that we say we are going to read again and never do. There are so many new books to read too, so pick out some to give to friends or donate when this is all over. 

3. Throw Out Old Makeup

News flash makeup expires! Time to throw out old makeup, nail polish, lotions, hair products, etc.

4. Switch Up Decor

Many college students or young adults are now stuck back in our childhood room. Time to change up the decor to make everything feel more normal. You do not have to go out and purchase anything. There is probably something laying around you always meant to hang up or if you moved back from your dorm hang up decor from there. Switch up old pictures in frames or collages for new ones. Print out images and make a new inspiration board or mood board. 

5. Wash Winter Outerwear

If you have not already, wash all your jackets, hats, scarfs, and gloves. I am sure most wash bed sheets often, but it is a great time to wash your comforter and throw blankets. 

6. Go Through The Junk Drawer

Everyone has one whether it is old receipts, old chargers, etc. Time to throw it out. Clean out the drawer, shelf, whatever it is,

7. Organize Your Room

Organize shelves, drawers, closets, really any space in your room. Also, while you are organizing it takes the time to deep clean it and dust.