Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Moments

It is sad to see How I Met Your Mother leave Netflix, but it was not sad looking over these HIMYM moments. Here are the top 10 HIMYM moments: (CAUTION: SPOILERS)


1. Robin Sparkles

For those who didn’t know, Robin was a teen queen. Robin rocked Canada’s pop charts with the hit “Let’s Go To The Mall”. Robin also was on a television show titled “Space Teens” with Jessica Glitter (Nicole Scherzinger). Robin tried to come out with more music, like the song “Sandcastles in the Sand”, but it tanked. In an attempted to shift from pop to grunge, Robin came out with the song “P.S. I Love You.” Robin performed the song at the 84th Grey Cup and subsequently ended her music career. In an effort to escape her Robin Sparkles persona, Robin moved to New York to be a broadcast journalist.  

2. Slap Bet

In season 2, the slap bet was created between Marshall and Barney when they realized Robin had a secret. Barney bet Marshall that Robin did not like the mall because she was involved in a porno at the mall. Marshall finds out that Robin does not like the mall because of her past as a pop star, thus winning the bet. In return, Marshall is allowed to slap Barney five times. The slaps take place randomly, with no warning. Marshall manages to slap Barney throughout the whole series.

3. Lily and Marshall’s Wedding

At the end of season 2, Marshall and Lily get married. It was a joyous day filled with madness. The flowers did not arrive on time for the ceremony, Lily’s veil is ruined, and their harp player goes into labor right before the ceremony. Lily kept it all together until she couldn’t find her bridal panties, after that she began to have a breakdown. Lily’s ex-boyfriend arrives to try and stop the wedding and Marshall gets a horrible haircut. At first, Marshall gets frosted tips by accident. Instead of just wearing a hat, Marshall proceeded to shave only one section of his head, making the haircut even worse. When the two went outside to get fresh air, they saw each other coincidentally. After some talk about the chaos, the two decide to “get married” outside with the ones they love present (the rest of the gang). Barney then marries the two before they return inside to their chaotic ceremony.

4. Barney’s Proposal to Robin

Who knew that a player would be such a romantic? Barney’s proposal to Robin was one for the books and one that some did not even see coming. The two weren’t even dating when Barney proposed. Barney came up with this elaborate plan to propose to Robin. The two dated before, but called it quits. The two always had feelings for each other and continued ending up in each other’s arms at times. The proposal plan included dating one of Robin’s co-workers, whom Robin hated. When Robin hears word that Barney planned on proposing to her co-worker, Robin went to go confront him before to tell him how she feels. When looking for him, she follows a path to a sheet of paper titled, “The Robin.” Barney’s playbook was all about getting women to go home with him, but this play was to have Robin be his wife. On the paper, written out, is the elaborate scheme Barney made up to surprise her.


5. Barney’s Bachelor Party

Barney always wanted a crazy, fun bachelor’s party if he were to ever get married, and he sure did get one! Barney is kidnapped by Marshall and Ted for a surprise bachelor party. The trio set out to Atlantic City for a night of debauchery. Barney is then left disappointed when he is not in the hotel he wanted and the stripper turns out to be an ex-fiancee of his. Barney, Ted, and Marshall decide to have a good time in AC and went to the casino. Marshall ended up getting very drunk and Barney got in the middle of a very serious foreign card game. Marshall then receives the call that Lily is going into labor, and their first child is born. (+1 memorable/best moment)

6. Barney and Robin’s Wedding

All of season nine is focused on the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding. The weekend is full of memorable moments and funny laughs. It is hard to imagine 20 episodes of content taking place in one weekend, but it is one of the best seasons of the show. Marshall has to travel from Minnesota to New York for the wedding and is found in some tough situations. Lily and Ted are left to help the bride and the groom and keep things calm. Naturally, things are not calm. This season is filled with drama, fights, slaps, tackles, and more. More importantly, you learn how Ted meets his wife!

7. Barney Thought His Father was Bob Barker

Growing up, Barney would always ask who his father is to his mother. At one point, his mother just pointed to the television and said, “that guy.” The Price Is Right was on the television showing the host, Bob Barker. Since that moment, Barney thought his father was Bob Barker. On one episode, Barney is seen training for the television show. Barney claims he wants to go on the show, win, then reveal himself as Barker’s son. The group then tried to tell him Barker is not really his father, but he did not believe them. Barney ended up winning the show, but did not tell Barker that he is his son.

8. Ted’s 2-Minute Date

In efforts to woo her, Ted took Stella on a 2-minute date. Stella, a dermatologist and single mother, expressed to Ted that she has no time for dating, and that is why she turned him down. Ted, reading between the lines, tried to sweep Stella off her feet by taking her on a 2-minute date. Ted started off with “dinner”, walking Stella down a block where they sat at a table and had a few bites of a meal. After that, the pair got up and went to the “movie”. After a reel of highlights from Stella’s favorite movie played, they had dessert. While walking back to Stella’s office building, Stella agrees to go on another date with him.

9. The Five Doppelgangers

The gang encounters doppelgangers of each other. The hardest doppelganger to find was Barney, who is constantly in costume to attract women. First they found Moustache Marshall, Lesbian Robin, then Stripper Lily, followed by Mexican Wrestler Ted. Later on, they found Barney’s true doppelganger. At one point, Lily and Marshall said they were going to start having children once they found all of the doppelgangers.

10. Barney’s Musical Number

On one pursuit to get an attractive bartender into bed, Barney tried to stop wearing his suits because she hated them. At the end, Barney decides to stick to the suits and leave the girl behind. After this, a musical number takes place. Barney then sings and dances through the streets of New York. Barney is then joined by the gang for the rest of the musical number. The song, “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”, and the songwriters were nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics.